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Sculptasquad t1_j9g23hd wrote

I thought most depression was caused/made worse by inflammation...


DoItToItPruitt t1_j9if7tk wrote

Most depression (if not all) is caused by trauma and unprocessed traumatic memories. Inflammation is just another symptom.


Empty_Positive_2305 t1_j9j7ljy wrote

Yeah, no.

Depression hit me like a truck out of nowhere in the autumn of 4th grade. Nothing traumatic happened, was a happy kid, just boom, everything went from color to black-and-white practically overnight.

Sometimes genetics just sucks.


ConsciousCr8or t1_j9jcxie wrote

??? Um… nope. That is Not accurate. Trauma impacts the microbiome. A jacked up microbiome informs generalized inflammation leading to many other known (and some yet to be discovered) diseases and disorders. There is so much research with findings like this.


IceColdTear t1_j9hythj wrote

Women are also more prone to autoimmune disorders which are often inflammatory in nature. Treating inflammation, particularly in women, would probably help a myraid of issues.


ohyeoflittlefaith t1_j9hqbyc wrote

It will be interesting to see if this finding can be extrapolated to other inflammatory conditions with comorbid depression.


yeathatshouldvework t1_j9hyeyh wrote

How do we naturally reduce inflammation?


IceColdTear t1_j9hzclr wrote

Maintain a normal weight and don't eat a western diet. Mediterranean diets/plant based diets seem to be the way to go. Also making sure you are not vitamin deficient. Vitamin D, for instance, is a very common deficiency and vitamin D acts as an anti-inflammatory.


ConsciousCr8or t1_j9jdfd3 wrote

Whole food diet and stay away from any and all heavily processed foods, period. And Maybe walk some… I’ve seen and felt personally that light exercise and healthy food can seemingly work like magic. For real.


Well_being1 t1_j9jrwo5 wrote

Omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, magnesium, curcumin, vitamin D, regular exercise


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