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Koffeekage t1_j9hyoke wrote

Conspiracies like what? The gulf of Tonkin? Or weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?


zensins t1_j9hzrkw wrote

Pizzagate, Birtherism, JFK coming back, any other number of Q "drops".


8to24 t1_j9jglwj wrote

If I tell you a thousand tales and only two of them are true would you not consider me terribly unreliable?


LandmassWave t1_ja51pc7 wrote

It's a lot more than 2 in 1000. It's so bad that the CBC infamously wrote "Conspiracy theorists keep being proven right. Here's why that's dangerous."

That required more than a broken clock being right twice a day.


LandmassWave t1_ja51fzl wrote

Tuskegee experiments. Lab leak theory. Russiagate.

Then you get the ones in the middle where the theory is an exaggeration.

Bush didn't orchestrate 9/11 but the government did try to cover up the real perpetrator (Prince Bandar).

Comet Pizza wasn't a venue, but we've had multiple sexual predators in very high places exposed since 2017.