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snash222 t1_jaakdmb wrote

Would a science paper ever say “a billion percent”?


Goliatheos OP t1_jaan6om wrote

In the fourth paragraph. ”in fact, it’s a seven magnitude increase in conductivity. To put it another way, that’s a boost of one billion percent.”


kerred t1_jabu64k wrote

Considering a published paper just said "chicken" a thousand times I'll believe anything. (By Doug Zongker, University of Washington)

Or that paper proposing to create a room temperature super conductor by lowering the official room temperature by 277 degrees


Sanquinity t1_jac0fo8 wrote

Seems like anyone can publish anything and call it a scientific paper these days. Or was that always the case?


Thoughtfulprof t1_jacd6jq wrote

While that's true, this article is about a journal article published in Nature.


GreySkies19 t1_jac6evh wrote

That largely depends on the Journal it’s published in. Anyone can make a website and call it a scientific Journal, accept crap (often for money) and send it out into the world. Established Journals on the other hand are much better at vetting the research, have higher standards than even they themselves used to have and generally publish high-quality studies.

In conclusion: there’s Scientific Papers and “scientific papers”. Check the source.


Thoughtfulprof t1_jacbefo wrote

This news article is about a journal article published in Nature.

Here's the source.


GreySkies19 t1_jacbrvu wrote

Thanks! My comment wasn’t about this particular Journal article though. I simply responded to the question about publications in general with an answer about publications in general.


Ublind t1_jaavauf wrote

No, but this isn't a science paper. This is a popular science article so they use words like "quirky"


linkdude212 t1_jae9s7u wrote

Yea! Real science papers talk about charming quarks!