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mikebug t1_j9m973n wrote

my Gods - how many millions did they spend to work out that people tend to buy the cheapest product.....

This deserves an IGNOBEL prize


0002millertime t1_j9mux3f wrote

Not just cheapest, but simplest and with quality assurance.


Big-Mathematician540 t1_j9ofh1s wrote

Best bang for your buck.

You know you won't get screwed over from legal sources. Not that badly at least, and would have recourses available.

Probably people who have friends who still grow buy "black market" often, but then there's not as much selection.

If only I got an euro every time I read a another confirmation of weed that we've known for ages. It's slow work, convincing people they've just been lied to about weed. (And am not saying there are no negatives.)


eTom22 t1_j9qg54u wrote

And the one that doesn’t run the risk of life in prison, depending on your state


Muscadine76 t1_j9o9bwc wrote

It’s a relevant point as to how important this research is to have any significant amount of money spent on especially if this is the only thing they looked at. Although confirming “obvious” beliefs is an important part of science.

But what struck me most about your comment is it’s hilarious you think a team of 2 social scientists relying on public grants are likely to be spending “millions”.


Koboldsftw t1_j9ob090 wrote

Idk if white market weed is actually cheaper


Maplelongjohn t1_j9p7qx4 wrote

In many markets it's getting there.

12$ 1/8 oz happy hour special is way cheaper than anything I've ever found on "the street"

And ease of access...

Stopping by a random dispensary on the way home is more likely than your "guy" living along your way home.

And relative Peace of mind knowing the product isn't being grown with unregulated use of illegal pesticides (a known issue of black/ grey market)


JohnMayerismydad t1_j9pb5kz wrote

I buy the most convenient option then worry about cost and quality. Rolling into a storefront is way, way more convenient than dealing with a sketchy dealer