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sgnihtdrawkcabevoli t1_j9np8k7 wrote

ELI5'ing the abstract, some mice were put in a noisy environment for 4 days. This caused their blood vessels to become more inflamed and allowed more cells that cause inflammation into their hearts. When the mice had a heart attack, the inflammation was worse if they had been exposed to the noise before. People who live in noisy areas and then have a heart attack also have worse outcomes. This study suggests that reducing noise pollution could help people who have heart attacks.

Disclaimer: I don't know what I'm talking about, I used a bot to simplify for me.


nopower81 t1_j9pc5wo wrote

So spending 10 hours in a room with 5 thundering 1500 hp diesel generators might not be good for me?


the_second t1_j9q82a5 wrote

We don't know yet but I'm willing to spend a few days on my silent couch as the control group.


AvcalmQ t1_j9sdngh wrote

I keep having to tell people that my hearing protection is built in.


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