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OregonTripleBeam t1_ja8luvx wrote

Can you imagine kayaking around and seeing a mountain lion heading towards you in the water...yikes.


Drewy99 t1_ja8u7jp wrote

Or camping on a deserted island and waking up to mountain lion neighbors


historical_regret2 t1_jaau8of wrote

It’s this way on the coast of BC. Very dense cougar territory. If you’re kayaking through and you know there’s a cougar around, it can be a bit spooky. I’ve spent some nights on some small islands where I’ve faced the trees, rather than the beach, while sitting at the campfire. Just didn’t want to turn my back on the woods. You know they’re there.


Frosti11icus t1_jabfvfd wrote

There's Sea Wolves on the BC Coast in addition to bears, so it's pretty well established that Apex predators not only can swim, but it appears is necessary in order to survive on the BC coast. I'm not knocking science here because I understand this is how the process works, but it's surprising that anyone would assume Cougars don't swim...


fucking_blizzard t1_jac6xny wrote

>I’ve spent some nights on some small islands where I’ve faced the trees, rather than the beach

Meanwhile, the aquatic cougars creep their way onto the sand....


bit1101 t1_jacb129 wrote

And the sky cougars fly in from above.


KiIgore-Trout t1_jacpdjy wrote

Science just confirming long held beliefs about cougar naval and air force dominance


SpecialFX99 t1_ja8n5en wrote

Better than seeing the same while swimming!


PoopIsAlwaysSunny t1_ja9kx3s wrote

I mean, better than pretty much any other animal of that size in the water.

I don’t expect a mountain lion is hunting in the water, nor are they going to catch up to my kayak.


SephithDarknesse t1_jab125d wrote

I cant imagine they'd actually attack much while in the water, it would he an incredibly vulnerable position for them. Instinct would say that attacking a floating object (bird) would cause it to sink, and eating it would cause them to fail at swimming.


moose_caboose_ t1_jacj0j2 wrote

They almost never attack at all and when they do it’s children.


SephithDarknesse t1_jacs8d6 wrote

Yeah, i mean anything really, not restricted to humans. They'd probably only even fight if threatened, likely swim the other way.


spiralbatross t1_jaaz3qh wrote

This summer


“Harry, grab my hand, he’s almost at the boat!”

female cougar in heat noises amidst splashes

“I can’t do it Janet, he’s just too fast! Aaaahh!”

…you’re in a catamountain of trouble


dissjsjs t1_jabz5x0 wrote

Can’t imagine they’re Michael Phelps fast. Going to get a wack from the oar though. Bad kitty!