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AllanfromWales1 t1_j9pwixf wrote

Could it be that more emotionally stable people both tend not to have such mystical experiences on psychedelics, and tend to be more resistant to changes in their levels of anxiety / depression?


Brain_Hawk t1_j9q05ww wrote

Maybe. It's a hypothesis, and hypotheses are made to be tested :)

Psychedelics tend to work on specific serotinergic systems which are also related maybe to mood and emotional regulation, so the density, distribution, and prevalence of those receptors in different brai regions may change both the experience itself, and the effects that experience has afterwords.

A but if a cause and effect question: is it that the kore intense experience is beneficial, or does the intense experience and yhe benefit come from the same u derlying causes? (I.e. they are correlated, not causative).