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dmk_aus t1_j9rukzl wrote

Seems like no control or comparison. If people feel better over time (which is what happens commonly with recurrent AF) you get a positive result. Like doing a study - does eating an apple sure the common cold. Then surveying those eating an apply every day and noticing a trend that most people get better.

But in case that wasn't guaranteed enough of a result: In addition to the topical treatment, all patients were instructed to use laxatives and dietary supplemental fiber.

They added a known treatment to the ointment...

And because the trial didn't have a randomised control. The Dr would have been picking the most promising candidates. The ones who needed surgery or more serious medications (i think they use nitroglycerin for this normally) probable aren't going to be risked on this.

And the ointment was a cocktail of stuff - the hemp may have had nothing to do with it.

Studies like this do only one thing. Allow companies to back up marketing claims.

"In a trial over 90% of people using this product* reduced pain and other symptoms in just 1 week"

*combined with dietary changes, speak to your doctor.