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Ardet_Nec_Consumitur t1_j9v5top wrote

precisely! Binge eating fats (like nuts, chocolate, et al) tend to trigger migraines for me as well. However, if I do have a migraine, sometimes it helps when I thoroughly massage my neck and ingest 2 large cups of coffee. It opens up the blood veins and the migraine dissolves like snow in the sun.


wewora t1_j9wrowf wrote

Caffeine actually makes your blood vessels constrict, not relax. From what I know, migraines are an abnormal response to the blood vessels in your head relaxing, and normal headaches can be caused by dehydration too. Caffeine helps because it raises your blood pressure by making your blood vessels constrict. That's why some headache medications have caffeine in them. Drinking enough water also helps because it raises your blood pressure. I noticed my migraines became less frequent when I started drinking coffee regularly and making sure I drink enough water, along with avoiding other triggers.

If your migraines are neck pain related, then the relaxation/masaage can help too.


Ardet_Nec_Consumitur t1_j9xd22t wrote

>Caffeine actually makes your blood vessels constrict

caffeine is a vasodilator. However, dependency (or going cold turkey) on it causes the vasoconstriction


JaelPendragon t1_j9y6rak wrote

It acts as a vasoconstrictor to the blood vessels in the head, it produces cerebral vasoconstriction by antagonizing adenosine receptors


Ardet_Nec_Consumitur t1_j9y6ufp wrote

Ok I'll take your word for it. But do you have any idea why drinking coffee or taking caffeine tablets completely removes my migraine? I mean in the moment when I experience the onset of a migraine, I just consume caffeine and it disappears!


JaelPendragon t1_j9y7khz wrote

Probably because your migraines are due to vasodilation, caffeine will antagonize that and restore a pain free vascular state. For what it's worth, I experience if not the same a similar situation as yours