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hodler41c t1_j9vyld8 wrote

Man nothing sucks worse than having a stressful week just looking forward to the weekend and then capping it off with a migraine on Saturday. I feel your pain.


Cdf12345 t1_j9y5jts wrote

That’s really interesting. After I relax on Saturday, I sometimes get one Sunday afternoons. I wasn’t drinking caffeine on Saturday and sleeping in, I always assumed it was that it was triggered by 36 hours of caffeine withdrawal. But I wonder if it actually isn’t.


b00basaurus t1_j9z4hmu wrote

Could be both or either. Caffeine withdrawal feels more painful in the crown area, bit different from right side migraines imo


halffullofthoughts t1_j9y79jm wrote

I get the worst ones couple of hours after having too much fun at the gym. My body loves to punish me for heavy exercise.