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Flyinmanm t1_j9xncar wrote

Weird. I'd just been suffering from 18 months worth of horrendous cyclical migraines. (Almost daily in end) cut out booze 2.5 years ago as knew that was major trigger.

Still got em just less frequently. I substituted booze with coke and chocolate. 6 months ago they got way worse... forgot at same time substituted reg coke for coke zero.

3 weeks ago cut out chocolate and coke zero almost cold turkey after nightmare migraine that lasted 3 days and culminated in the only thing that i felt like eating being chocolate. Really felt like chocolate for 24 hours after that. Coke zero was the hardest thing to ditch wanted that like crazy round lunchtimes as had become a 'habit'.

Since then no chronic migraines.... odd mild headache treated with ibuprofin/ paracetomol.

Had a few false dawns with migraine fixes but so far ditching aspartame and sweets seems to be a game changer as migraine stopped over night... also oddly memory has improved. Dont 'crave' food anymore (appitite massivly reduced).

Tldr. Aspartame causes sugar cravings sugar low seems to cause my migraines.


a0011a91 t1_j9xot29 wrote

As a migraine sufferer, I stopped going anywhere near aspartame like 15 years ago. That stuff gave me the worst migraines.


Flyinmanm t1_j9xrsw2 wrote

You did well to pick it up so early.

Oddly sugar free chewing gums the thing i miss most now.


a0011a91 t1_j9zis97 wrote

Yes I think gum was actually the first thing that made me realize it was a problem. But aspartame ain’t good for you anyway. Probably better off in the long run.