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NutriaBoet t1_j9yaq1z wrote

I was definitely abnormally stressed at the time and the first migrane was accompanied by an aura, I was getting those rainbow colours and flashes in my vision with a worsening headache on one side of my head. It got so bad that I vomited. The second one I didn't have any auras but the pain was just as bad.

The reason I correlate the migraines with salt is because since then despite being stressed I haven't had any migraines. I think the salt combined with the stress resulting in higher blood pressure might have been the catalyst.

I feel for anyone who gets them on a semi-regular basis, migraines are debilitating.


Azrai113 t1_j9ybpfk wrote

I used to get headaches alllll the time, only some migraines. When I was 20ish, I looked back at my life and during high school I figured I had a headache about 75% of the time. College was pretty stressful but I personally believe the hedaches/migraines became far less frequent because I was out of my abusive home environment.

At this point I very rarely get headaches at all and migraines are maybe a few times a year. They're more frequent when work is so stressful I'm afraid of losing my job. So I believe mine are directly correlated from stress/abuse. I have not been formally diagnosed with migraines, but one of my siblings has. They still get semi frequent migraines and have medication for them.

I'm just glad research is being done on migraines. They're an interesting (when not debilitating) thing as there's apparently a neurological component unlike tension headaches.