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Kombucha1 t1_j9wxcfd wrote

Unlicensed should be allowed but announced.


tornpentacle t1_j9xe66s wrote

Absolutely not. Licensing is a matter of human rights. The entire reason trades require licensing is because of how many people were hurt and killed by poor work. Are you some kind of anarchist or libertarian or something?


stanolshefski t1_ja2k5l2 wrote

That may be true for some (maybe even most) professions. For others, licensing was created by existing members of the profession to protect their jobs/wages. Maintaining a high barrier to entry, or a system where others work an extended period of time a no wages or significantly-reduced wages, keeps incomes up for the licensed group of people.


jerekhal t1_j9xia9f wrote

Hell no. The very last thing I want is an unlicensed electrician causing a string of electrical fires years after the job's done because of faulty wiring or lax adherence to standards.

Licensing is not just to protect the individual hiring the contractor, it's also to protect the general public from the consequences of inadequate workmanship.


Tearakan t1_j9ykwk1 wrote

Definitely nope. Then we will end up crazy house fires all the time with subcontractors hiring out their cousin to do electrical then only announcing it to the foreman who would conveniently forget it later.

And that's just the residential problems from unlicensed electrical work.

Imagine unlicensed civil engineering killing dozens a few years later and you find out that company already folded and the person who fucked up is already effectively gone.