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Claque-2 t1_j9xpdr7 wrote

I saw your transcript and you went to Qoxford United, an online school running out of a strip mall in Ohatchee, Alabama before a tornado leveled it. And you studied mattress tag law.


tornpentacle t1_j9xeht6 wrote

Suuuuure you do. And I bet you think you'd do a better job too, don't you?

(I did say "healthy" people, mind you. That does include psychological health. Antisocial beliefs like those you appear to harbor don't exactly put one into that category.)


[deleted] t1_j9xf0lm wrote



zamfi t1_j9xp4ni wrote

> Law can only ever favor entrenched wealth and power

That is a very maximalist claim about a concept with a pretty loose definition -- and you are offering no alternative.


haysoos2 t1_j9y2d0q wrote

When he asks if you could do a better job, what he is asking is if we have no laws because they are as you say "a farce", what is your preferable and more equitable system that would replace the function of laws and regulations in our modern society?

I'm surprised they didn't cover this form of rhetoric in your many philosophy and law degrees.