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Sentsuizan t1_ja04tgs wrote

This seems like a weird way to say Chinese people know the truth of climate change


CrossP t1_ja07q7y wrote

It includes extra data like which organizations should be working on it, accepting that money should go to climate conservation, and willingness to accept personal action.


dirtyuncleron69 t1_ja1hb4c wrote

wow weird, that in a less capitalist society than america, people listen to corporations less


bjran8888 t1_ja22fb8 wrote

Guess which country is the world leader in renewable energy?


dark_LUEshi t1_ja0cdvx wrote

more like they've fucked the ecosystem so badly, it's impossible to ignore it wasn't caused by local population and industries, everyone knows.


tornpentacle t1_ja0hu4m wrote

Nice racism, really great look. Meanwhile, the entire US is just as polluted and a large share of people don't believe climate change is caused by humans.

Also, carbon pollution ≠ chemical pollution, just so you're aware...