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PoopIsAlwaysSunny t1_ja43f0x wrote

It’s almost like cannabis and hemp are crucial parts of the ecosystem and a worldwide effort to stem wild or maintained growth has been bad for the environment


nickites t1_ja1agu5 wrote

I had always thought the ECS was only present in vertebrates?


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EconomistPunter t1_ja0ysq5 wrote

I was mentioning yesterday the low quality, dubious nature of too many cannabis studies. And here’s another one…


GivenAllTheFucksSry OP t1_ja0yzgd wrote

The link is to the website for the National Library of Medicine and the study was published in the most recent issue of the journal Antioxidants. What exactly is "dubious" or "low quality" about it? Please explain.


[deleted] t1_ja0z5k7 wrote



EconomistPunter t1_ja0zcc9 wrote

Yes. I wonder how impact factor can be gamed…

The Scimago impact factor is 1. Know what that suggests?


EconomistPunter t1_ja0z9ta wrote


Just because something is linked in the National Library doesn’t make it non-dubious…