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tornpentacle t1_jagkbzd wrote

This is a really awful and offensive joke to make. Childhood sexual abuse is not something to joke about. It might be a good idea to reexamine how your words and actions can affect victims.


Krypson t1_jagpfge wrote

As someone who was sexually abused often as a child. Humor is the only thing that got me through it. I’m sorry if you went through something too but let people have their coping mechanisms. Humor is a lot better than the alternative suicidal ideation and suffering that comes with taking it so heavily. It’s a serious issue yes, but making it so heavy perpetuates the idea of victimhood. We are survivors, not victims.


Smol_Fairy t1_jagol4i wrote

I didn't read it as a joke. To me it felt like a serious statement rather than a wordplay. But I can see how you would see it otherwise.


Some_Gun_Nut t1_jagrbtv wrote

I too was molested as a child. Good thing I mostly black out when I try to remember it, I imagine it would be a genuine pain in the ass to actually remember.

Trust me when I say some of us just have very dark senses of humor, and that's okay.


kompergator t1_jagwqpg wrote

How can you be on this subreddit and not realise the important role humour plays in coping strategies?


monsterosaleviosa t1_jahfm9j wrote

You’re responding to someone who said “we”. People are allowed to speak to their own situations in whatever way they choose. You’re not helping with this behavior.