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This is low and middle income countries, don’t forget. These demographics are different in high income countries.


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I guess I’m not sure if we’re comparing apples to oranges here because this isn’t saying that most women seeking abortion have these characteristics, correct? It’s saying that women with these characteristics are more likely to have an abortion (but if they are also less likely to experience unplanned pregnancy in the first place, they might not represent the majority of abortion seekers).

In the US, anyway, the average woman who seeks an abortion is single, in her 20s, and doesn’t have a college education. Only 60% are already mothers, and only half of those have 2 or more kids. So that’s not really the same data I suppose, but it’s more relevant to the point that the person I was responding to made.

This does describe me almost perfectly, though. I only have 3 kids, but I’m married, in my 30s, have a college degree, and would be highly likely to terminate if I got pregnant (even though I didn’t when I was single and in my late teens).


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45% are considered unsafe?


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Of all abortions worldwide. Unsafe are like back ally abortions, home remedies, or from unlicensed clinics. The only options people have when abortion are illegal or prohibitively expensive.


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I think they mean unsafe for the mother. 100% are dangerous for the baby.


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