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Flying_Dutchman92 t1_jaiie0u wrote

Cannabis helps me sleep, and it helps me calm my mind. However, it does nothing to alleviate my tinnitus.


[deleted] t1_jaijdy5 wrote

Mine is much more prominent when I smoke up


Flying_Dutchman92 t1_jaijt6l wrote

Thankfully, mine isn't. It just stays on the same level, volume wise, though it might shift pitch compared to how baked I am.


Deejmiester t1_jaixgbt wrote

Different note in each ear. One significantly higher in pitch than the other. It reminds me of the noise an old tube powered tv would make just after switching it on.


Azraelalpha t1_jajz0ug wrote

This but at a deafening volume if I have no background sounds around me.


Cheeseisextra t1_jamc5kr wrote

Same here. I can’t even hear the tv anymore. I also can’t tell when the AC/heater fan in my house is blowing.


bigredgaboy t1_jalwos9 wrote

Exactly how I describe my tinnitus. If there is room noise it is not noticeable but in a quiet room, almost unbearable.


ElSahuno t1_jalxiwt wrote

Stays the same for me too but after a smoke I don't care so much.


LoaMemphisZoo t1_jam9mgq wrote

That's how it works for pain relief too I have found. I will sit there and be like "huh if I focus it still hurts but if I don't think about it..." you can kinda just tune it out


agentgambino t1_jam7ed6 wrote

Mine is as well. My mind tries to make sense of the noise and it makes me anxious also.


Cheeseisextra t1_jam7evj wrote

Mine gets so loud after smoking that it makes me want to step in front of a train. I go through this feeling every single night. I’m legally deaf too so maybe that has something to do with it. I probably wouldn’t hear the train coming anyway.


spudddly t1_jak0utu wrote

Hmmm maybe there's a correlation between weed smoking and regular concert goers


thesaga t1_jakzsnx wrote

There is almost certainly a correlation between cannabis smokers and people that regularly attend live music/play live music/listen to music at high volumes


LoaMemphisZoo t1_jam9rdb wrote

Have you seen the line at a dispensary these days? It's all types. Tinnitus is common in the trades too and


thesaga t1_jamo40x wrote

I’m not saying most cannabis smokers are musicians/music lovers, only that I’d be shocked if there wasn’t a higher percentage of stoners in the music scene than the general population - which would draw a line between cannabis consumption and tinnitus


trennels t1_jait9l4 wrote

It can help push it to the background, especially at bedtime.


darkmoose t1_jal7ggt wrote

İ find similar relief with 1 mg melatonin btw.


Cheeseisextra t1_jam7hh7 wrote

How do you smoke melatonin??


LoaMemphisZoo t1_jam9txr wrote

You have to boil it and then you free base it or do hot rails.

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor


uberneoconcert t1_jamk8d6 wrote

Check your B12 consumption and other symptoms like extremeties buzzing or your tongue being slightly swollen/smoothish. Just in case: it could be that you've not been eating quite enough, or conversely, drinking too much alcohol.


halflifeconsequences t1_jakeoa6 wrote

Same. It might make me a little less bothered by the tinnitus, but I've never noticed that it makes a difference either way.


blackdragonstory t1_jalt2ai wrote

I haven't tried it nor do I know what it does physically but if it's just dulling your senses then that is not really something that helps with anything beyond being high.


Aporkalypse_Sow t1_jalxkd2 wrote

You don't actually hear tinnitus. Your senses being dulled have no effect on your ability to hear it. Your brain tells you that you are hearing things, without input from your ear.


blackdragonstory t1_jamj06l wrote

That's interesting. I do have it too but it got manageable after some time. If I am in dead silence the ringing is there.


Johnisfaster t1_jaimom1 wrote

It doesn’t make it go away but it can make me less annoyed.


ImportantRope t1_jaip9ct wrote

Weed makes mine worse and can cause auditory hallucinations, but surprisingly mushrooms causes it to go away completely, albeit temporarily. Sitting in silence is just so refreshing when you're used to that constant noise.


Exostenza t1_jaji5l8 wrote

Hmmmm, time to do mushrooms again and pay attention to that.


knowbody2020 t1_jak2bkd wrote

What type of shrooms if you don’t mind me asking. I have been dealing with the EEEEEEEEEE constantly for over two years now. Nothing help. I did find that cannabis made it louder. I’ve smoked most my adult like in a regular basis and it just happened one day and never stopped. Sometimes I think blood pressure and body inflammation are a major factor


much_longer_username t1_jakcm6p wrote

>What type of shrooms if you don’t mind me asking.

I suspect it doesn't matter so much. It's more about the plasticity offered by the psychedelic experience.

You're given an opportunity to do a bit of rewiring that your normal biases and filters would otherwise make you resistant to. With that opportunity, you could maybe rewire the part of your brain that does audio signal processing.

I don't know that I could give you a tutorial on how to do this, but it makes sense to me intuitively, I hope it makes sense to you.


knowbody2020 t1_jakedtn wrote

No I agree. One area I’ve been focusing on is neuro-inflammation. Thank you for the reply.


knowbody2020 t1_jakf60a wrote

Mine is primarily in the left ear area. Do you notice any tightness around the ear jaw socket area. Or does the ear area ever feel tight or stuffy when you swallow? I’ve had the head scans, Eustachian tube are clear no blockage. I’ve even had a tube out in the ear to open it up but nothing changed. Just curious what you notice or observe with the EEEEEEEEE sound. Some days are louder than others.


exoflame t1_jalvfow wrote

Dude, this is exactly what i got. Also water runs differently into my one ear than it does in the other, i had my ears checked and everything seems fine besides having tinnitus.


bigredgaboy t1_jalxa0x wrote

Tinnitus isn’t related to the ears at all, It’s in your brain but is still bilateral making it seem like it’s in your ears.


cleanjosef t1_jamgk5k wrote

Tinnitus is an umbrella term and there is even tinnitus caused by your blood rushing in you far as I know.


knowbody2020 t1_jamhcd3 wrote

It’s a mystery. Im peeling the onion and looking at every possible cause. I keep circling back around to body and neuro-inflammation. What’s causing it I have no idea, yet.


knowbody2020 t1_jakfkdz wrote

One last question and I will leave you in peace. Did you ever get the Covid shot? I did and my ringing began about 3 months later


zymuralchemist t1_jalb0n1 wrote

If I’m stressed it gets waaay louder, absolutely in lockstep with my blood pressure.


bigredgaboy t1_jalxd6o wrote

Hmm. I just took my BP pill. Will see if the tinnitus volume drops


ImportantRope t1_jajjo5l wrote

First noticed it when I heard a single drop of water somewhere down in the plumbing while in the bathroom, thought it was strange I heard that. Mentioned it to my friend with longtime tinnitus last time we were on it and he was like you know what, you're right and my eyesight is a lot better too. His eyes have been really bad since he kicked alcohol. Pretty interesting stuff.


RupanIII t1_jamhllg wrote

Valium for me. Took it once for a procedure and it was blissfully silent for hours.


ImportantRope t1_jap5j8f wrote

That's interesting, I've only had valium a couple times and I was preoccupied with the upcoming surgery


Warlornn t1_jaiiv1m wrote

This is the exact opposite of reality for me. Weed (especially edibles and flower that is vaped or smoked) make my tinnitus orders of magnitude worse. The only weed product that does not do this is vape pens (but only certain ones for some reason).

Cannabis is also pretty well known for making tinnitus worse, so this study is odd.


[deleted] t1_jaj8fr1 wrote

I would start keeping track of which strains help and don’t when using the vape stuff, would be interesting to know if there’s a connection in the strains that do help!


trwwyco t1_jalf66i wrote

One of the first signs of my gummies kicking in is my tinnitus getting worse.


bigredgaboy t1_jalxl0c wrote

I think all THC based products cause your blood pressure to rise which in turn causes the tinnitus to spike.


SneakyFeetPete t1_jaifgef wrote

I can tell you that it does not.


jccreddit808 t1_jaiht3l wrote

It definitely helps me sleep, without it, the rumble keeps me awake for hours. But no, it doesn't take away the symptoms.


xXRandom__UsernameXx t1_jaj2564 wrote

Yeah this is crazy. The way I gauge how high I am is how much my ears ring.


RawScallop t1_jam1vdh wrote

The first thing I thought was if anything I've had it become louder for a bit, then it's just a matter of being high making it tolerable overall


ATLSxFINEST93 t1_jaj12yj wrote

45 people only? That's a pretty low number.

It doesn't help mine, unfortunately. I wish it did.


malmode t1_jaiutkh wrote

Weed so loud I forgot my ears were already ringing.


beltalowda_oye t1_jaj6wdy wrote

Well I am a medical cannabis user and I have bad tinnitus especially at night. And weed does help a lot. I didn't hear the ringing until I was reminded of it reading this headline haha


Exostenza t1_jaji298 wrote

My tinnitus gets SO MUCH WORSE when I put THC into my system it is crazy. If I want to use it to help me sleep I have to eat it and fall asleep before it hits or else I just have such a bad time. If I can time it right, though, then I get a great sleep and it doesn't bother me at all.


Hanifsefu t1_jak1lbu wrote

So reading the study it is less about cannabis actually affecting the ringing in your ears and more about treating the negative impacts of tinnitus on your life. Yes it doesn't make the ringing in your ears go away but neither does any other treatment method. This is a study on whether or not cannabis would be an effective method to treat the symptoms and results of tinnitus not whether it cures it.

Anxiety and depression are extremely common things that go along with tinnitus. If you don't have tinnitus imagine it being something similar to the times you suddenly become very conscious of your tongue in your mouth or when you become conscious of your breathing. It's something that is there all the time but how heavily it impacts you varies. Sometimes it doesn't bother us at all and we can almost tune it out. Other times, such as when my anxiety is flaring, it becomes deafening and makes it impossible to concentrate. This winds up compounding on my anxiety more often than not and the negative feedback loop can be devastating.

Cannabis has been shown to help with anxiety for many but for some it makes their anxiety worse and creates paranoia. Even this effect can generally be lessened with a different strain or delivery method but there are a rare few who find no help with any strain or delivery method.

Anecdote time:

For me personally the positive effects depend on strain and dosage. Sativas tend to make me paranoid in higher dosages and that paranoia starts those seeds of anxiety which usually starts that negative feedback loop and my tinnitus deafens me and I start to get paranoid about whether or not it's just quiet or if I lost bunch of sounds that I'm supposed to be hearing to the ringing. If I avoid that specific scenario then it generally helps curb the anxiety and helps take the focus away from the ringing. It's not a cure but I also haven't seen a need to seek out a more effective treatment either.


Ok_Low_1287 t1_jakgf2f wrote

Absolutely correct about anxiety. When I am at my off grid cabin for a few days, my tinnitus disappears.. usually. No TV, just classical music and books.


CryoAurora t1_jaj2ftc wrote

My ears ring so much from the concussion. Cannabis calms that. I can watch TV, hear the clock tick and traffic go by.

When it's bad, all I hear is the shifting sand in the breeze. Cannabis calms the anxiety it induces while bringing quiet for me.


Spocks-Nephew t1_jajt7jd wrote

Every time I buy cannabis I hear a ringing from the dispensary cash register.


n3w4cc01_1nt t1_jaj16za wrote

b vitamins, iron, and oxytocin also help.

>Long term treatment with high-dose oxytocin (45 IU four times daily) may reduce the frequency and severity of tinnitus, the burden tinnitus symptoms cause patients, and improve their quality of life.


heart_of_books t1_jak68bu wrote

I am high right now, and my ears are ringing like a motherfucker. But I can tune it out. I can do that with or without smoking. I do notice that when I'm stoned, I can either ignore the ringing or I fixate on it. Fixation is bad. I try not to.


chcampb t1_jakw0su wrote

Ehh I tried some edible cannabis for the first time a few months ago and found that ringing in my ears was the first indication that something was "happening"


gucciburito11 t1_jajgi8u wrote

I’ve found that it can rev up anxiety and make the tinnitus more severe, but that it makes life with tinnitus more tolerable


undersight00 t1_jajs6lh wrote

I've been smoking weed for years and my tinnitus has gotten so much worse xD


kiwipie94 t1_jak1y5h wrote

I had to quit smoking when I started a new job and in the year or so since my tinnitus has gotten less severe.


Ok-Equivalent-8509 t1_jakg5em wrote

I have not noticed a difference between using and not using. The ringing keeps on


Ghostbunny8082 t1_jakwqvi wrote

As someone with tinnitus I am about to sit down to run my own study on this.


HenroZbro t1_jal3wae wrote

Didn't do a damn thing for my T. I quit 295 days ago and quit all caffeine also. My sleep is the best ever and so is my mental health.


djkoch66 t1_jals405 wrote

Bad study.

Ask someone who’s taking something if it helps with things and I’m pretty sure they will say yes especially if there’s lots of bad science out there on the subject.


feochampas t1_jaltbni wrote

reading this headline made me immediately become aware of my tinnitus.



Oden_son t1_jalw5ek wrote

I think it was yoga that fixed my tinnitus but weed made it so much worse


Davepen t1_jam4at4 wrote

This seems contradictive with the fact that smoking can make tinnitus worse.

I guess the method of ingestion is important.


GrowsOnGraves t1_jamiz8k wrote

I think there is probably a lot of overlap between people who use cannabis and people with some sort of health/mental health issue that use because it alleviates symptoms. Like the thread below me suggests, that isn't an across the board support for everyone. It is nice scientists are starting to listen to people when they say they use for symptom relief, and actually look into that. I'm sure the amount of things cannabis can help with vs what is recognized as "medical use" for cannabis is probably skewed still.


red_macb t1_jamqtfi wrote

It was straight after smoking a joint that my tinnitus started, so stopped smoking. Only had one or two joints since and it makes the ringing (temporarily) worse each time.


kelsobjammin t1_jamxxj1 wrote

I had a weird like 6+ months with a low “industrial hummmmmm” tinnitus that would come and go (mostly indoors) or somehow I was picking up these humms just more easily for some reason. It would drive me mad at some points and thought I totally screwed up my ears somehow. I still to this day don’t understand it because it usually happened indoors mostly but if I focus I can hear it outside. Happy to say I can slightly pick up the hum now if I focus on it but not to the point where it’s making me nauseous. My temporary tinnitus was always high pitch never ever a looooow churning hum. Smoking did nothing, I would try to knock myself out to make it stop. I don’t wish it on my enemy.


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WittyUnwittingly t1_jaja41s wrote

Pretty sure the tinnitus and diminished night vision I have is because of my heavy abuse of indazole cannabinoids during college.


TastyBullfrog2755 t1_jak2lkj wrote

It's me, Dave

Who is it?


Dave's not here.

It's me, Dave.

Dave is not here.


konqueror321 t1_jak6mf0 wrote

Tinnitus , like insomnia, is not usually the real issue. The issue that brings patients for treatment is generally anxiety or frustration with tinnitus or insomnia, or other similar problems. Any treatment that lowers anxiety has a very good chance of 'helping' the tinnitus or insomnia -- the problem does not go away or resolve, but the sufferer does not ... suffer ... as much.

And obviously everything is a bell shaped curve and any person may be outside of the +/1 2SD central area.


Heavy_Hunt7860 t1_jaku9qa wrote

Right. That’s why Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is effective for tinnitus, even if it doesn’t necessarily do anything for the actual sound.


Both_Lychee_1708 t1_jakqmfy wrote

From what I can tell, just about any unpleasant sensation is less noticeable when distracted and cannabis is really good at that.


zordabo t1_jalerc9 wrote

I can't imagine how bad my tinnitus actually is then


LuckyCharms201 t1_jalgeac wrote

Edibles make my tinnitus noticeably less awful. Which is thrilling, because I’ve had it since I was a kid.


[deleted] t1_jaln3j2 wrote

Rename - "Cannabis use is high amongst people that attend music shows, because people that use cannabis are likely to attend music events"


MACCRACKIN t1_jalwauy wrote

I highly doubt my tinnitus ringing ever subsides with smoke, but it does seems to be effective going to the bathroom and extended flow everytime.

But ringing, the only thing I can do is leave the Tv on all night, or at least till I drop off, to fake me out that's there's ringing going on with Tv sound.

Just as long as when sleeping, Vacuum cleaner ad doesn't come on for a solid hour long. That's just brutal.



EternalStudent07 t1_jalwruj wrote

I assume it might lower blood pressure if that's one of the causes of people's tinnitus.

I'll add another hand to the has lifelong tinnitus, uses cannabis, and I think it helps with various symptoms. I can't say it's been the cause of the cannabis use, but it's yet another thing I hope improves from it.

I can't wait for cannabis to be truly legalized, and commoditized. I'm tired of paying so much for a plant. We've conquered the plant kingdom! I want my just dues!


Justdudeatplay t1_jaly3aa wrote

I have only smoked occasionally, but I use edibles. To be honest, I don’t know a single symptom of anything it doesn’t help with. Headache, sore muscles, stomach ache, insomnia, planters Fasciitis, join pain, depression,…. I honestly can’t think of anything an edible won’t give temporary relief from. Even my apnea goes away sleeping on 5mg.


rationalhippy t1_jamas9m wrote

For me it helps. I think my tinnitus is caused by vibrating ear muscles when I’m stressed. Weed lessens that.


Zealousideal-View142 t1_jamc8pt wrote

Never thought this topic would have anything to do with me, but since I live in California, cannabis is everywhere. I once tried the gummy that has cannabis in it, and it heightened my mood a lot, I also slept well that night.


bobzane t1_jamec03 wrote

Depends on the strain


Hour-Opinion2497 t1_jan2v4l wrote

I have tinnitus and I've had it for many years. I've just got used to it and I sleep just fine.


emporerpuffin t1_jap56d7 wrote

It's does nothing for my tinnitus except make me able to ignore it. Alcohol = bad time tho


OpinionSorry1660 t1_japr8af wrote

T for the last few years, never smoked anything but had the occasional ringing in my ears when I was younger. It was like somebody turned a tone generator up to 11 then it would fade out. Now it’s doesn’t fade out anymore and it sounds like cicadas, all the time.


Brokenspokes68 t1_jaiy3e2 wrote

That's great news but I can't use cannabis for professional reasons.


BuldopSanchez t1_jajcp70 wrote

Can affirm. But only a little, I think it just helps me block out the, YEEEEEEEERRREEEEEEEEREEEREE!!


Dan19_82 t1_jajreiz wrote

Probably because your more focused on the ringing in your eyes.