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Rickyspanish33 t1_jeeaezb wrote

My VA therapist said I could eventually get ketamine treatments that were showing amazing results after one visit but that I'd have spend a long while wasting time with useless antidepressants before they would allow it.


tyler1128 t1_jeeb3m9 wrote

I don't know about the VA system, but I personally use ketamine therapy and the process was much easier than I expected. I imagine the VA system is probably both slower and harder, as it always seems to be. MDMA therapy also has amazing results for PTSD and my ketamine provider thinks it will be legal within a year. It's exciting movement, but obviously for people suffering, too slow.


yorkiemom68 t1_jegte3k wrote

Join us at r/therapeuticketamine. Lots of information and information about providers. I have PTSD and it has been of enormous benefit after fighting it for 20 years.


RunForrestRun t1_jeeqne6 wrote

I've taken mushrooms, ketamine, and MDMA recreationally and it's very easy to see the therapeutic benefits. The ease at which they allow the user to 'open up' is almost magical. Be careful with ket and MDMA, though, as they can both be addictive and detrimental to your health if used too often. I personally won't use MDMA more than once every 4 months, but it's usually much longer. IMO, mushrooms are where the real magic is ;)


jonathanrdt t1_jeesquh wrote

The treatments are generally cash-only and cost $400-600 per treatment. It's frustrating that you must pay so much for a $10 street drug.

Edit: Apparently $20-25 is a more realistic price. Point stands: street drug is cheap; treatment is expensive.


Northshoresailin t1_jeez99u wrote

Check out joyous- it’s like $130 a month and includes dr consult and daily ketamine. No need to wait or stay on meds that don’t help.


mrgermy t1_jef9fz1 wrote

Someone else mentioned Joyous so I'll also recommend Mindbloom if you haven't looked into it already.

I started with two Mindbloom therapies and then gave Joyous a try but have gone back to Mindbloom.


OrgeGeorwell t1_jeetlvb wrote

Pretty sure there’s a Ketamine clinic in Chicago that’s affordable


Southern_Smoke_5979 t1_jegzau6 wrote

I paid out of pocket for a total of 6 sessions and it was very much worth it. I’ll also say that I didn’t have any medications on board at the time. I don’t think I’ll ever take another SSRI or the like again.


lara_jones t1_jeh2hhx wrote

You wouldn’t have to really take the antidepressants, would you? Is it just a matter of you telling the doctor they didn’t work?