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evanmike t1_jeec408 wrote

I got into psychedelics for my severe depression and PTSD........ stopping my drug and alcohol use was a side effect


RunForrestRun t1_jeepy4g wrote

I was a heavy drinker/smoker when I was young who turned into a 12 pack a week drinker as I progressed through adulthood and into fatherhood. I now no longer drink/smoke aside from a holiday or a truly special occasions and I feel like mushrooms are the main reason why.

I've been taking psychedelics for a long time, but over the past few years my very close friends and I have 3-4 heavy-dosed, therapeutic rejuvenators (tripcations) every year. Crying/laughing, discussing life and its ups and downs without anxiety, discussing things I normally don't discuss with people, becoming closer, and actually working to make things better in my/our lives are just a few of the benefits, or side effects, that have come from these quarterly sessions. Deep diving into health and addictions during our last few trips was the fuel I needed to stop being a regular drinker.

As I type this out, I'm packing my bags for our first therapy session of the year... I can't wait!!


reflUX_cAtalyst t1_jef2ihy wrote

I wish I could do this, but I have a panic disorder and that means no psychedelics. I've eaten hundreds of doses of LSD in my younger years, but I have absolutely ZERO want to trip since my last bad attack.

I do want to try microdosing though. Will look into acquiring a supply.


wrylark t1_jefz061 wrote

do you drink alcohol? I had no idea how much of my anxiety was stemming from the constant up and downs of daily drinking ..


OPengiun t1_jef8nqv wrote

>12 pack a week drinker

You mean 12 pack a day?


RunForrestRun t1_jefbtve wrote

No, I slowed down from about ~3 12 packs a week in my 20s to about ~12 beers/drinks a week into my 30s. I know it wasn't an 'out of control alcoholic' amount, but it was still having a legitimate, negative effect on my life because I always get a hangover no matter how little I drink. I'm a part-time stay at home dad and 'hungover dad' isn't the dad I wanted to be or continue being.


genediesel t1_jegm7w6 wrote

3 12 packs a week isn't even a lot for what most heavy drinkers would consider a heavy drinker. Just FYI. Heavy drinkers are like 8+ beers a night.


Alcoholhelps t1_jegnuhl wrote

At my worst I was…..18-24 a day….every day…(even work days.


RunForrestRun t1_jegrcd1 wrote

My bad, I didn't know that heavy drinker had a defined level. I was drinking amounts detrimental to my mental and physical health, but not drinking quite as much as the heaviest of drinkers.


jimbolikescr t1_jegzc3t wrote

It's just that 3 12 packs a week still seems like it takes some level of self control and I think typically people assume alcoholics are powerless to their addiction. But I'm happy for you!


mano-vijnana t1_jef49z7 wrote

What specific psychedelics/routine have you found most helpful for those, just out of curiosity? I've used LSD since it was available, but I'm not sure it's quite as good as the alternatives.


RunForrestRun t1_jef7c2k wrote

LSD is wonderful as well, but I personally don't think I open myself up on it to the level that I do with psilocybin. Routine-wise, it's pretty straightforward. We get our close knit group together somewhere safe and secure, set the mood with some music/lighting, get our doses straight, then we all just chill pretty quietly and comfortably until they kick in past any of the uneasiness that can occur during the come up. After that, it kind of all just organically comes together! Post-peak, we'll go for long walks and explore after the world has gone to sleep.

I usually have a passive plan going into it about things I'd like to talk about or work through - both good and bad. Feeling secure/safe wherever it is that you're doing it is pretty important IMO, as is being with people you trust and are comfortable with. Ironically, a couple hard seltzers help with come-up anxiety and it's one of the rare times where I'll have some drinks now. The fruity drink vibes well w/ the shrooms, too ;)


fakerjohn t1_jegz1pp wrote

Man, you are a lucky dude. I do not have that.


matrixkid29 t1_jef1rou wrote

well your healing is illegal so we're going to kindly ask you to return your happiness and in exchange we can give back your depression, PTSD and alcohol dependence. Please report to your nearest authority figures for sentencing and incarceration.


Shawnzilla85 t1_jefdau8 wrote

For real, I don’t like mixing them. And if I have to choose, I choose my mushrooms. So my experiment had positive side effects, along side the benefit of just being generally happier. I’m behind it 100%.


SlimeDragon t1_jeerx16 wrote

Which psychedelics? How often did you need to take them?


Butttouche t1_jegq92x wrote

Could you give me a little insight to what you did? I've been getting mixed information


Jacecam32 t1_jeeopr6 wrote

This is a study done with controlled administration of the psychedelics by therapy professionals. Not just a drug dealer


HollywoodThrill t1_jeep6gi wrote

So, a different road to the same destination?


RedRocksHigh t1_jeetfna wrote

Sorta. They would be scientific results derived from experimental design, rather than anecdotal evidence from personal experience.

It’s not to say their personal experience is wrong, but what happened in their experience may be different than someone else’s, or everyone else’s for that matter.

I personally think both roads will lead to the same destination, but that can’t be technically “proven” without experimental design being implemented to weed out bias/secondary factors.


HollywoodThrill t1_jeewbvh wrote

I 100% agree. Anecdotal data does not prove anything in the general sense. In this particular instance to anecdotal data correlates with the experimental data.


wrylark t1_jefze6y wrote

its the same road though? one is just taking a lot more notes during the process


popejubal t1_jeesq87 wrote

In related news, when there's a study done on injuries in hospitals, it's a controlled study with trained medical professionals.


...but I'm still going to perform first aid on myself or others when there's an immediate injury and professional medical help isn't available.


Jacecam32 t1_jeevxdl wrote

First aid... taught to you by... trained... medical... professionals?

Which would make you... a... trained in first aid medical professional?



needtofigureshitout t1_jeez7wk wrote

Being trained by trained professionals doesn't make you a trained professional.


mikecrash t1_jef2ga6 wrote

What does then?


needtofigureshitout t1_jef33ib wrote

The same thing that makes the difference between an amateur and a professional.


Jacecam32 t1_jefdxqq wrote

That doesn't answer the question. You seem to have this hard aversion to answering the question. Why is that?


needtofigureshitout t1_jeffui6 wrote

What is the question, dude?


Jacecam32 t1_jefgzzc wrote

It's literally posted. In multiple places by multiple people.

I'm beginning to think you're just playing bad faith on purpose


popejubal t1_jefop64 wrote

It's state licensure, you goon.


Jacecam32 t1_jefsf76 wrote

So only having a state license makes you a professional? Interesting theory. So what state license do basketball players get to make them professionals? What about wood workers? Do authors need state licenses to be considered professionals?


Comfortable-Eye679 t1_jeg67q6 wrote

If a doctor gives a 2 hour course on first aid to soldiers about to enter combat, they are not trained professionals. They just have very basic training on specific possible scenarios.


Jacecam32 t1_jef3398 wrote

It literally legally does.

You are seen as a competent trained professional for the purpose of first aid. So long as you keep to what you were trained to do.

But I would love to hear what you think makes a "trained" professional? Is it training from another professional? Or is it the legal certification? Or maybe I'm wrong. Please feel free to explain your idea in more detail


needtofigureshitout t1_jef3i2d wrote

Yeah being trained by a professional just makes you trained. Not necessarily a professional.


Jacecam32 t1_jef5nf6 wrote

I'm still waiting on that whole explanation. Or is this your attempt to dodge it? Hoping I'd forget what I asked you? Cause that's pretty bad faith if that's the case


needtofigureshitout t1_jefcdre wrote

Can't see you other comment, but what exactly is the question I'm dodging? Im telling you what i consider to be a trained professional and it's whether the person does it as a profession vs just having training. You can know first aid and not be a professional.


Jacecam32 t1_jeffz96 wrote

>Im telling you what i consider to be a trained professional

No you aren't. You are telling me what you think trained means. Which is entirely different. You keep dodging the question.

>You can know first aid and not be a professional.

You can be a professional and not know first aid. You can be a medical professional and not be a doctor.

Your argument is based off the vague idea you have and refuse to explain about what a professional is. Because to you, it's not someone trained. Not someone experienced. Not someone who know what they are doing. So again. How do you define that which you use as a goal post.


needtofigureshitout t1_jefh1yt wrote

How has anything i said implied what i think trained means? My entire point is that while a trained medical professional can give you training, it does not by default make you a trained medical professional. You just have medical training. I can get trained by a professional martial artist, but that doesn't make me a professional martial artist.


needtofigureshitout t1_jefkcop wrote

Cant see your other comment again, but I'm genuinely not sure what is unclear about the implication of my original comment. Being trained by a trained medical professional does not classify you as a trained medical professional, you just have medical training. If two people were available to provide me with first aid, one of which was a paramedic and the other was someone trained by a paramedic, i would ask the paramedic for help before the other person.


Jacecam32 t1_jeft4lv wrote

You can, but you refuse to scroll. Which is really isn't a reflection on my part to any degree.

Wow. Your while anecdote is entirely pointless to the conversation and another attempt to dodge the question I've repeated several times.

Good job showing how bad faith is all you can offer. Some might even call you a professional troll at this point. Just trolling and dodging and going on about random tangents not asked for or really valid to the discussion.

But it's cool to know you'd take the paramedic away from more serious issues to tend to your first aid despite someone else being there to help. It's really telling and helpful to explain why you refuse to answer the question.


needtofigureshitout t1_jefx4n1 wrote

It's a known glitch that happens with comments. I get a notification but can never see the comment unless i look on the user's profile.

I'm sorry that this is how you see it. But you've never clarified what the question is after i asked for clarification. If you can reiterate what exactly the question you want me to answer is, i will gladly try my best. I thought i was answering it but apparently i wasn't. Is it what i consider "trained" to mean? If so, then i consider training to be any education and practice that a person can get to do a certain thing. Does that answer the question?

I don't see how my anecdote is pointless as it is the paramedic's literal job to provide first aid. A person that has a first aid certification doesn't automatically become a paramedic.


needtofigureshitout t1_jegt23r wrote

Sorry, i must be misunderstanding what you are asking for. Could you please clarify what you would like me to answer?


Jacecam32 t1_jegvh5w wrote

Clearly you are misunderstanding.

It's been clear you've been intentionally doing it this entire time. Because you keep missing all the corrections I do.

So why should I act in good faith to your repeated demonstration of bad faith?

I already know you don't have a point or you would have looked back at any or all the corrections and clued in. But instead you lie and troll. Hoping I'll give up or give in. But I still stand by what I said.


needtofigureshitout t1_jef7ic0 wrote

What else is there to explain? You can be trained by a medical professional, but until you professionally do whatever you're trained in, you are an amateur.