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Rodot t1_jeecabt wrote

I wonder how the complex pharmacology of these two compounds compares in effectiveness to other psychedelics. Ibogaine is both a dissociative (like ketamine) and a psychedelic and 5-MeO-DMT is an atypical psychedelic that primarily acts through 5HT1A rather than 5HT2A (though it still has strong affinity for the latter)


needtofigureshitout t1_jef2wro wrote

That's interesting. DMT supposedly has negligible 5ht1a activity compared to 5ht2a (quite less than LSD) and it felt as a much more intense and profound experience, solitary and internal. LSD always felt "brighter" and connecting. I'm curious what 5 meo would be like now.


Cumupin420 t1_jego8xa wrote

If you're doing dmt right it doesn't seem more profound than lsd it simply is. I have never left this planet on lsd and I used to do way to high a dose. I've only met my guide or the aliens on mushrooms and dmt. Ket got close but to disassociative to transcend to different plane


needtofigureshitout t1_jegtjrp wrote

At 1mg lsd and 90ish mg dmt, i would say the lsd was more pleasant, and I've never broke through with dmt but i did learn about myself, whereas with lsd i felt like i learned more about the world.


A-Ham-Sandwich t1_jef6373 wrote

I've heard a lot of data about ibogaine being used in therapy because of its ability to allow self-reflection. Compounds like LSD DMT and psilocybin only actually give dissociative effects at very high levels. Where ibogaine gives dissociative effects at any point. So not only does it allow you to heavily disassociate but then the psychedelic properties allow you to interact with that dissociated personality and self-reflect.

Inconsidering a leading theory is that PTSD is from traumatic memories getting stored improperly into the brain having an experience with ibogaine would probably give the subject they brought opportunity to reexorb the data in a proper way.


Cumupin420 t1_jegor71 wrote

That is exactly what the theory is. I think mdma is more promising based only on the health risks with ibogaine, it's hard on your heart and liver or kidney (think liver). Check out mapps.Org they are studying mushrooms and mdma and where the first to start/get approved to do human studies. They also are focusing on vets and there partners. Super interesting


Pigs_in_the_Porridge t1_jegm87z wrote

Ibogaine's method of action is much different than psychedelics and it really doesn't belong in that category. Proponents often call it an "oneiric," meaning dream-inducing.

It also has a published nominal death rate of 1 in 300. It can cause bradycardia and anyone with a heart condition should absolutely avoid it.