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iceyed913 t1_jdwhfef wrote

trueee, but in combating the yoyo effect you would desensitize a mechanism and this would result in a lifelong treatment plan. Might just be preferable to use the old ozempic if it proves to be safe longterm. Although adjuncts are always nice if all else fails.


fanghornegghorn t1_jdxbxh9 wrote

Perhaps there is a drug that can be taken to desensitise it during the diet and then allow it to resume as normal after the diet.


iceyed913 t1_jdxe97l wrote

that would be double bubble, might be dangerous and unpleasant


Brain_Hawk t1_jdxgf04 wrote

Ozempec is not a miracle drug. It is being pushed hard by the pharma companies, and describe like some sort of game changing miracle in the media

But if you look at the actual data, the effects aren't always that dramatic. The case where I've seen, not that I've read a huge amount on it, but the case where I've seen where it worked the best was in a group of young people who had weight struggles who also received a strong support system to go with it. So it kind of facilitates weight loss in the case where you're doing other things that facilitate weight loss, including behavioral readjustments etc

The suggest this primary role might be as a facilitator and the existence of other interventions. Which is helpful of course, but not quite the miracle as described. And still part of a program that requires a lot of work, and it's less clear if this will be effective and people in their 40s

And not everybody who takes it gets significant effects.

And it's not clear if the effects really entrenched in their long-lasting, or if you stop taking it after 5 years you'll just bounce back.

Is extremely expensive.

Some hope there but we should be cautious in reading too much into the existing literature, which is fairly minimal, largely funded by the pharma companies as far as I've seen, and hasn't really been widely tested yet.

Ps caveat that I'm no expert on it, and I take it now and it didn't really have any long term impact on my weight, or on the other people I know who are taking it. I dropped 8 lb, then regained a pounds in 3 months, and stabilized where I was before I started taking it. Anecdote is not evidence though.


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nutjob22 t1_jdy06dp wrote

Another great opportunity for mushroom micro dosing.