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part-lee t1_je8h2jy wrote

Key part: " Subjects affected by narcissistic personality disorder show greater impairment in affective aspects while their cognitive part of empathy appears preserved."


ashenserena OP t1_je8i076 wrote

This is really the key part of the study ^((and why I subscribed thru email for the release of the article)). Most people nowadays think that people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) do not have empathy.

Research, however, proves otherwise. Affective aspects of empathy (involved in sharing emotions of others, and responding appropriately to others) show impairment, while cognitive empathy (understanding thought processes of others) appears preserved. People with NPD can understand why people act a certain way, and they theoretically use that knowledge to cover up their internal suffering - outwardly seen as being manipulative and having grandiose sense of self.