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thepigfish82 t1_jarh8qm wrote

I've been curious about pregnancy coupled with anxiety. When my mom was pregnant with my older sister, it was planned. She loved it and has/still says it was the best time in her life. Two years later, while she was pregnant with me, my dad came out as gay (then HIV positive) while undergoing treatment for cancer, so she had to work a stressful customer service job to make ends meet.

I have always had weird physical health issues, but my sister doesn't have any health concerns. I have been diagnosed with aplastic anemia and Thrombocytosis but require zero treatment because my body functions normally. I don't have any cancer and no genetic markers for cancer, so I just get iron infusions a couple of times a year. The only thing I can really point to is the differences in my mother's pregnancy.


Mississimia t1_jasvn1n wrote

Same. Except my mom got pregnant with me only 6 months after my (planned) older sister was born and it seems like she had really bad postpartum depression and anxiety. I have so many health issues, mostly autoimmune stuff. I've always wondered if she just didn't take care of herself well during my pregnancy, like as far as eating well and getting exercise, but maybe it was just the anxiety?


thepigfish82 t1_jat0vc1 wrote

Wow, I'm sorry yo hear that. I asked a few specialists and they were dismissive because this isn't a topic that has been widely explored.


Scarlet109 t1_jauocz8 wrote

Another reason why non-medical officials shouldn’t be deciding how women receive healthcare.


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kickeduprocks t1_jaz4c3n wrote

I wonder if taking anxiety medication during pregnancy impacts the outcome.