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chrisdh79 OP t1_jeensqv wrote

From the article: Now, a promising new drug has been developed that targets the nerve activity that causes both heart failure and sleep apnea. Researchers from the University of Auckland in New Zealand tested the drug, known as AF-130, on rats with chronic heart failure and sleep apnea. They found that AF-130 acted as an effective P2X3 receptor antagonist, normalizing the body’s respiratory response to hypoxia and substantially improving the amount of blood pumped by the heart (cardiac output). Breathing disturbances were eliminated.

“This drug does offer benefit for heart failure, but it’s two for the price of one, in that it’s also relieving the apnea for which there is currently no drug, only CPAP, which is poorly tolerated,” said Julian Paton, corresponding author of the study.

AF-130 was also found to reduce systemic inflammation, reduce the weight of the heart, and prevent fluid from gathering in the lungs (pulmonary edema), a common side effect of heart failure. It’s the first drug to control the brain-to-heart nervous activity that drives heart failure and associated sleep apnea.

The study’s findings support the notion that P2X3 receptors in the carotid arteries play a key role in the pathological mechanisms underlying cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.


WoolyLawnsChi t1_jeer3jh wrote

CPAP is poorly tolerated?

Not by me


historycat95 t1_jeeuvw3 wrote

Very much by me.

Tried 5 different masks over 15 months. Never a good night's sleep.

Absolutely horrible.


sheikrock t1_jegnzas wrote

Try one of the mouth guards. I couldn’t deal with the CPAP, but the mouth guard works great. You do need to have a decent teeth though.


wotmate t1_jeewz69 wrote

It is by me. I've got 100% compliance over the last five months, with an average AHI of 3 using my cpap, and every single day I wake up feeling horrible, and still get drowsy during the day.


Hellspawn54 t1_jegq5hq wrote

I've got (almost) 100% compliance for the past 23 years, and like you have AHI around 3. Also wake up feeling crap, but I know how much worse I would feel without CPAP. It feels like punishment but it's also a lifesaver.


IcallBSonthat t1_jefcm3i wrote

3 AHI isn't that bad. Anything under 5 is actually quite good. Have you tinkered with the settings?


ImportantRope t1_jeey3w4 wrote

In general, it has a low tolerance. It's kind of like sleep deprivation torture for me so it's a lose lose.


Kevine04 t1_jegp7oq wrote

I have used my machine every day for 12 years, I tolerate it, I would do anything to be rid of it.


ShotTreacle8209 t1_jefzyqo wrote

It is hated by me, a spouse. Whereas we used to spoon, now we can’t without cold air blowing down my back.


Tony2Punch t1_jegnkuu wrote

Literally just have not been able to keep a mask on for a full night after trying a lot


natanaru t1_jeeulwm wrote

Only for me on bad allergy/cold days.


BranWafr t1_jeew5ib wrote

My preferred mask is a nasal pillow, which I use 95% of the time. But when I get allergies or colds that cause stuffy noses, I use the full face mask that covers my mouth, too.

But, if I could take a medication to handle my apnea, I'd be down for that.


CCriscal t1_jegp7nf wrote

Well, CPAP is hardly tolerated by spouses sometimes and it can also make you nervous.


BranWafr t1_jeeqfq6 wrote

As someone with severe sleep apnea, I am cautiously interested. I'd much rather be able to take a medication than have to lug around my CPAP machine whenever I go on vacation.


WoolyLawnsChi t1_jeerawa wrote

FYI they make very small travel size machines

I had one the size of like a super fat burrito with a plug and a battery that I could even use on the plane if *had* to


BranWafr t1_jeewivy wrote

I'd just like one less thing I have to plug in. It sucks that the first thing I have to do when checking in to a hotel is see where the plugs are so I can figure out which side of the bed I have to sleep on and/or if the plug is on the same side as the night stand so I don't have to put it on the ground.


MysticalPengu t1_jegxs0x wrote

You’re just getting your nest ready, nothing wrong with that. :)

Fingers crossed for you to have the convenience of the pill though!


Blrfl t1_jef1hct wrote

The problem with the travel-sized machines is that by the time you add the power supply, hose and mask (espeically if it's full-face), you're not far off the volume of a carry bag for a full-sized machine.


WoolyLawnsChi t1_jef9ifb wrote

Going to politely say that my experience was very different

my travel machine, hose, (admittedly) nose mask, and cord take up the same amount of space as a decent travel hairdryer

Easily fit inside either of my two carry on’s

but my home machine has a humidifier so maybe that’s the big size difference

EDIT: LPT a damp wash cloth next to the air intake is decent emergency “humidifier”.

similarly a damp towel in front of the HVAC unit can help humidify your hotel room


Blrfl t1_jeg0vyq wrote

The nasal mask is probably where you get the most savings on volume. I wish I could use one but am stuck with full-face for the time being.


haleb4r t1_jeg4lzj wrote

Do you have a clogged nose or problems keeping the mouth shut? In case of the latter, I just use medical tape.


Blrfl t1_jeg55cm wrote

Fierce case of sinus problems that I hope to get fixed in the coming months.


Real_Jackraps t1_jef3nss wrote

People also consider anything larger than a flashlight to be a burden. Smaller is still easier.


50StatePiss t1_jef8vji wrote

I look forward to not being able to afford this for 20 years until it comes out of patent.


[deleted] t1_jeernwt wrote

Can I just take it for the sleep apnea?


Hellspawn54 t1_jegpcgc wrote

Works on central sleep apnoea, not obstructive. CSA is (approximately) caused by the central nervous system, while OSA is physical, and far more common.


nich3play3r t1_jefo1nw wrote

Coincidentally, curing my apnea will keep me from being stabbed in the heart in my sleep by my wife.


WolfOfLOLStreet t1_jeeve40 wrote

I am intrigued and will follow this story with great interest.


RAMDownloader t1_jeg2qkn wrote

Question from a person who has neither sleep apnea nor heart issues - do these issues normally coincide together?


kkngs t1_jegj60n wrote

Sleep apnea is a leading cause of heart failure


Mindkind247 t1_jegtgye wrote

They are common comorbidities (along with things like diabetes, chronic kidney disease, atrial fibrillation, etc.), but I wouldn’t say that sleep apnea is the “leading cause” of heart failure. Heart failure is a very broad/diverse disease and underlying causes depend a lot on the type of heart failure you are talking about.


ZealousidealJoke3319 t1_jeh0t24 wrote

Look forward to this being buried like everything else that looks promising for sleep apnea. God forbid we don't have to carry around machines anymore to stay alive.


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HalfOrcMonk t1_jegsdl4 wrote

And it will only cost $120,000 a tablet.


Xerenopd t1_jeh3ly3 wrote

I thought sleep apnea was just due to mouth breathing?