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Fabulous-Relative333 t1_jasldcp wrote

But is this causation or correlation? I'm way suspecting the latter.


ilanallama85 t1_jasllqo wrote

Seriously, these stats often pop up but I feel like there’s a lot of conflation between “sleeping too much is unhealthy” and “unhealthy people sleep too much.”


eldenrim t1_jat8iro wrote

Yeah but it's still good to know because if you're ill more than others and your sleep isn't average then you can either:

> Sleeping too much is unhealthy

Reduce sleep. Or

> Unhealthy people sleep too much

Investigate the underlying issue and then fix it, reducing sleep.

Which lays out a straightforward solution, if you investigate first then you'll cover both, so do that.

It's pretty actionable even if it's correlation.


MoonWispr t1_javy3ae wrote

I think the point is if you're consistently sleeping too much or too little it's likely (or always) caused by other factors that need to be dealt with. Work, health, etc.

Studies like this often suggest that simply forcing oneself to sleep more or less will just make things better all by itself. Without knowing the cause, this could even make things worse.

Edit: For example, some health conditions (like allergies) constantly exhaust the body and result in needing extended rest to recover. Not allowing yourself that rest, without dealing with the condition itself, will just make it worse.


eldenrim t1_jb06qmo wrote

Which is essentially what I'm saying, but that by trying and failing to correct your sleep, you'll know it's a deeper issue and can look at that.

But now, people with atypical sleep and immune issues that ignore one (or both) might be stirred into some reflection and subsequent action. The knowledge helps even if it's correlation, is all I mean.


ctorg t1_jat0627 wrote

Particularly with "too much sleep," it's usually a symptom of another health issue (like sleep apnea, depression, etc.), rather than the cause of health problems. There's very little evidence that excess sleep is detrimental in people who are healthy.


Clock586 t1_jat325b wrote

Too little sleep is causation. Too much sleep is correlation. My guess.


seaworthy-sieve t1_jaykp7w wrote

Or maybe people who get very little sleep are just also more likely to encounter infections — they might have small children in daycare, or do shift work in healthcare settings, etc etc


BerriesAndMe t1_jau0hg4 wrote

I'm in camp causation.. but I think the illness is affecting your sleep patterns and not the sleep patterns mkaing you sick.


Batmanbumantics t1_jauptps wrote

Pretty much. I've long term anxiety and depression which messes with your immune system. So yes, I can sleep for 17-20hours a day and I also catch every illness going. I get ill because of the immune wrecking mental health issues, not because I sleep a lot. Given depression and anxietys prevalence in the population, I'd imagine it played a role in these figures.


eldenrim t1_jat7pdq wrote

The causes of sleeping problems also cause issues with your immune system and focusing on fixing your sleeping problem will help even if it's correlation due to a shared cause.


InTheEndEntropyWins t1_jav6tad wrote

This is reverse causation. Those people that are ill or have sleep issues like sleep apnoea need more sleep. If those people had normal amounts of sleep they would have even worse health outcomes.


Sythus t1_jawqwsg wrote

Sometimes when you're sick you get terrible rest.

Sometimes when you're sick all you wanna do is rest.


PeteSampras_MMO t1_jasn53u wrote

Breaking research: people that are sick sleep more and skew study results with arbitrary line of 8 hours. Flip side, some illnesses make it difficult to sleep, skewing results below 6 hours. How do I get paid for my research on the topic?


26_skinny_Cartman t1_jaul3mg wrote

This isn't about your sleeping patterns while sick. It's about your normal sleeping patterns and how frequently you get sick.


kananmunamakkara t1_javi298 wrote

Yeah but (for example) depression is also sickness. Depressed people sleep more, and also get ill more often because of weakened immune system they tend to have. But I have never heard any evidence that it is too much sleep that causes this. Or can it be a chicken-egg problem


TedW t1_jaw1is5 wrote

>How do I get paid for my research on the topic?

Better sleep on it and let us know.


lynx_and_nutmeg t1_jawao5d wrote

What is it with Redditors on this sub constantly refusing to believe that maintaining basic biological functions is crucial to your health just so they can drop the bUt wHaT If iTs aCtUallY jUst a CorrElAtIoN?? and get to feel clever without having any education or understanding in scientific research?

Sleep is very important to health. Your body needs it, it literally can't survive without it for more than a few days. Sleep repairs cellular damage, regenerates your cells and regulates your hormone and neurotransmitter levels, and consolidates your memories. Not getting enough sleep wreak havoc on your whole body in myriad of ways. This isn't even a contested topic anymore, it's not up for a debate, it's a fact. Just because sick people tend to get less sleep doesn't mean it's only a correlation and not getting enough sleep doesn't also ruin your health on its own.


Maximum-Cry-2492 t1_jasma7s wrote

Maybe even on the other end too, i.e., people that are ill have trouble getting to sleep/staying asleep.


Neat_Art9336 t1_jaueu04 wrote

People who are sick tend to sleep more while sick….


InTheEndEntropyWins t1_jav6s53 wrote

This is just wrong, you can't get "too much" sleep. Once you've had enough sleep you wake up.

This is reverse causation. Those people that are ill or have sleep issues like sleep apnoea need more sleep. If those people had normal amounts of sleep they would have even worse health outcomes.


BandComprehensive467 t1_jatugmq wrote

It could also make you sick less... just because it is meaningful for a statistical amount of people doesn't mean it is meaningful for you.


iPon3 t1_jau0y8o wrote

Headline written by an idiot, I suspect.

You sleep more when you're sick, news at 11


[deleted] t1_jauzucl wrote

Guinness record is 11 days so idk. To each their own?


csteele2132 t1_javz0zh wrote

“While this study can't prove sleep duration is causing these infections, the team says it underlines how important sleep is to keep us healthy.” No, that’s not how causation works. This article didn’t prove causation, only correlation. The actual problem could be something completely different with the sleep issues as a symptom. Why does it seem like the bar is continually dropping in peer review?


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SeaSetsuna t1_jatqwql wrote

So 6-9 is the magic number.


Daydream_Atlas t1_javaix1 wrote

Damn, as much as I try to sleep I just feel like my body is getting used to it. I’m perpetually tired but functional. I hate it though.


Toke_Ivo t1_jauu678 wrote

It doesn't seem like they've accounted for kids.

Those will make you sick, a lot, and will make you sleep very little.


Economy-Initial-6295 t1_jav3fpl wrote

I’m lucky to get six hours of sleep. I never get sick. Even when I had Covid I didn’t have symptoms. Other than loss of taste and smell.