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HelenEk7 t1_je4hb1e wrote

I took a closer look and they say:

"The findings of this cohort study of 126 394 middle-aged adults from the UK suggest that a healthful PBD was associated with lower risks of CVD, cancer, and total mortality. On the contrary, a plant-based dietary pattern characterized by higher intakes of sugary drinks, snacks and desserts, refined grains, potatoes, and fruit juices was associated with higher risk."

So they seem to conclude that a healthy vegan diet is healthier than the average British diet. But a unhealthy vegan diet is less healthy than the average British diet. But Brits in general eat a very unhealthy diet, so this is not saying much in my opinion. Other than if you choose to eat a unhealthy diet, being 100% plant-based is probably a very bad idea..


nyet-marionetka t1_je4i0v5 wrote

I bet if you’re eating an unhealthy vegan diet you are probably not paying adequate attention to vitamin B12 and essential amino acids, so probably so.