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slickhedstrong t1_jb3824i wrote

now say it in english please


Professor226 t1_jb39dq5 wrote

The Atlantic meridian current is the flow of water that transfers cold water to the tropics. It’s sensitive to increased fresh water pouring in from the melting glaciers. If there is too much fresh water it will stop. That means then current that regulates the temperature in europe will stop moving the cold water to the south. This has happened before and created a “mini ice age” in Europe.


NemeshisuEM t1_jb3gb08 wrote

It's not so much about bringing cold water to the tropics. It's about the other part of the cycle that brings warm water to the higher latitudes, which is what keeps Europe warm.


the_other_brand t1_jb3n7vq wrote

In simpler terms, Europe will share the same weather as Canada if this ocean current stops.


ConsciousLiterature t1_jb4os2b wrote

The planet is on the path to have catastrophic climate change. So severe it's possible most species on the planet will go extinct if this happens.

The good news is that it's not going to happen in your lifetime. You'll be fine.


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