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Nessie t1_jb36psn wrote


ssnover95x t1_jb3yxre wrote

A lot of studies showed that reduced congestion actually increased vehicle speeds sufficiently that casualties from drivers hitting other road users and pedestrians didn't go down.


uberfission t1_jb4y9zh wrote

From my observations, it was really only the worst drivers that were still driving into work.


Beer_Is_So_Awesome t1_jb4xcaf wrote

People did begin driving insanely in my city. Bad habits have continued til today, and I see far more people running red lights, rolling through crosswalks, illegal turns on red, etc.

Also, as an aside, legal turns in red shouldn’t even be a thing, for a several really obvious reasons if.


Yolo_420_69 t1_jb4ogs1 wrote

I was in nyc. Dude the things I did on my motorcycle through times Square. It was awesome


LawHelmet t1_jb4sr5u wrote

Dude. I was in DC. Samesies but Penn Ave solo from straight down the middle of the Mall and along the Reflecting Pool and places bicycles can go but motorcycles normally cannot.