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Obie-two t1_jb3xcno wrote

What do you mean cars not being fun? Some of the best cars to drive ever exist now.

Also there are zero people who stopped driving due to “ blood on our hands”. How silly. There are literally people driving through war zones today to go to their jobs, come back to reality


ssnover95x t1_jb3z3qa wrote

Congestion makes driving not fun. If you want to have fun, take a car to a track, that's not what the public roads are for.


[deleted] t1_jb4mlp3 wrote



agentchuck t1_jb4s4n4 wrote

I think what they meant was that the roads are designed for everyone to get where they're going as safely as possible. They're not for "having fun", which usually translates into some selfish kid who watched too many F&F movies thinking their endorphin rush is more important than everyone else on the road.


Obie-two t1_jb4lsh5 wrote

You absolutely do not get to decide what public roads are for. You're also in a thread where it explicitly states LESS people are driving, so LESS congestion. And during the pandemic there was almost NO congestion in many areas. I have no idea what you're talking about. The whole US vs a handful of beltways.


Commentariot t1_jb42hox wrote

You are wrong - I stopped driving because of the endless oil war in Iraq.


Obie-two t1_jb4lr3f wrote

Reading your post history, you're proving my point