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ShrimpCrackers t1_jb4135k wrote

Well it needs to pay for itself. A public tax on that for all tax paying citizens and tourist visitors based on length of stay is good too.

Edit: I don't know why I went around and saying it needs to pay for itself, what it needs is some revenue but definitely not to pay for itself because it pays for itself in spades just in a roundabout manner.


boarder981 t1_jb42hhj wrote

Roads don’t pay for themselves, yet private citizens use them everyday for their personal vehicles. In suburbs they often park on them for free!


gobblox38 t1_jb466yt wrote

The benefits would come from more efficient travel. If mass transit is free, then fewer people will be driving on the highways. Fewer people driving on the highways results in reduced maintenance costs.


ShrimpCrackers t1_jb47ylc wrote

Yup I agree. It's why a transit system doesn't have to profit directly.


rlbond86 t1_jb4pwyh wrote

Nobody ever insists that roads pay for themselves...


notesundevil t1_jb8d6p5 wrote

It’s a service, it does not need to pay for itself. Just like the postal service.