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Vitztlampaehecatl t1_jb43kzd wrote

  1. In the Netherlands, there are plenty of old people who walk or ride bikes. There is even a type of bicycle that is stereotypically for grandmas- "omafiets".

  2. If you're not fit, you can become fit by walking or riding a bike.

  3. There are plenty of disabilities that prevent you from driving, and plenty of motion-based disabilities that let you get around perfectly well with a wheelchair or an adaptive cycle.

  4. They make child seats for bicycles so you can bring along kids who are too young to ride their own bikes.

  5. I'd expect not because there are presumably a lot of good restaurants within walking distance, however, assuming there is a grocery store within walking distance (because "walkable areas" implies that everyday necessities like grocery stores are within walking distance), you can also transport groceries on foot or by bike.


messopotatoesmia t1_jb5uo7h wrote

So you're saying that everyone should ride bikes, and there's never a reason not to own one?

Edit: oh you post in r/fuckcars. Never mind - I can't expect to have a rational answer from you.