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LawHelmet t1_jb4shnz wrote

I used to cycle to work when work had showers that were worth a damn.

Europe’s need for space efficiency vs America’s space availability is what decimates cycling as a normal mode of transportation.

Average commute time for an American is an hour. An hour in a car in traffic, is probably 2ish hours by bike. 12-15 miles an hour over any terrain on a bike is sweating, generally, and a respectable exercise pace.

Imagine doubling your commuting time. Where’s the time come from?


No_Maines_Land t1_jb4vrzn wrote

I bike to work and metro in the winter/poor weather/don't feel like biking days. Both these methods are 50 min flat. The drive into work is 25 minutes, the drive home is 30-70 minutes.

So let's call it an extra 50 minutes to not drive. On bike, this time comes from my gym time, since I knock out some cardio. On metro this time comes from TV or reading time, since I read if I get a seat or watch TV if standing (and also sometimes sitting).


Episimian t1_jb657fn wrote

Many European cities are far less sprawling than in the US and encourage a mixed mass transit, cycling and walking commute - catch the train/tram/underground/bus for the longer part of your journey and then use a shared short rental bike to get to where you need to be. It's not perfect but it makes getting to work pretty easy where it works. Except in a Northern European winter - cycling in the pissing rain in the dark is never easy or fun.