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Economy_Appearance_9 t1_jb50290 wrote

Does anybody know if this also includes immune therapy resistance? Is there any relationship between quiescence and resistance to other type of immunotherapy?


Rain_Dont_Pour OP t1_jb61xm4 wrote

I think this is a hard question to respond since they didn't look into that mechanism, I believe the pathways of resistance are different, but maybe there could be a connection between both.


damnan99 t1_jb52qh2 wrote

So you would have to reduce the production of follistatin to reduce the chemo resistance?


Rain_Dont_Pour OP t1_jb61qjr wrote

I believe what they're trying to say is that you would have to create an antibody that would block the action of follistatin so it doesn't bind to the receptor. I think the concept of lowering the levels of follistatin is not feasible, but it could be a possibility that the authors haven't looked into.

From my understanding, they were able to create cells that didn't produce follistatin and that's how they proved that absence of it made ovarian cancer cells more sensitive to chemo.


HeTakesYou t1_jb5scfq wrote

Is there a need to test for follistatin before starting chemo treatment? Would high producers respond worse to treatment?


Rain_Dont_Pour OP t1_jb625w7 wrote

I'm not sure, I think everyone should receive treatment independently of their follistatin levels. I believe what they're trying to show is that having the high levels of the protein promotes chemoresistance.


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