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Playingwithmyrod t1_jb6mij5 wrote

Ah yes....let's place the blame for global warming on regular people, checks notes....eating.


Mutex70 t1_jb845gb wrote

This isn't "blaming" anyone. This is research into the causes of global warming so we can decide what to do about it.

Putting our heads in the sand and saying "well, we should just ignore that source of global warming because it's due to 'regular people eating'" is abject stupidity. It doesn't make the problem go away.

Yes, there are multiple causes of global warming. Identifying how much our current method of food production contributes to the problem is important.


Playingwithmyrod t1_jb84fdj wrote

The solution would be to make more sustainable foods more affordable than normal food otherwise it's just high horsing.


Mutex70 t1_jb86db8 wrote

Sustainable foods are already largely cheaper than "normal food".

i.e. peas, lentils, grains and tofu are already cheaper than meat, and contribute far less greenhouse gases.

>However, we also found that technologically available improvements to production practices, decarbonization of the energy sector, health-motivated changes in dietary habits and reductions in food waste could together decrease the anticipated warming by >55% compared with sustained dietary consumption rates, avoiding 0.5 °C relative to a business-as-usual baseline for a high-population-growth scenario. Further avoided warming potential lies within residual emissions that could be addressed by reductions in food loss throughout production stages or future technological innovations.

Basically: improve production processes, stop using fossil fuels to farm, encourage healthier diets and reduce food waste.


Playingwithmyrod t1_jb88975 wrote

You really gotta start hitting higher protein counts per lb to get people to switch IMO.


Poop_Tube t1_jb8amf9 wrote

Most people are conditioned to think they need to eat a lot more protein than necessary.


Playingwithmyrod t1_jb8bjxg wrote

Everyone is different. I need roughly 3000 calories between maintenance, work, and the gym and I know if I ate enough tofu to hit my protein goal I'd be gagging.


Single_Pick1468 t1_jb92xnd wrote

You are in a state of protein fog induced by the animal agriculture. You have been scammed.


Crypto-Cajun t1_jbab317 wrote

Protein fog? What are you talking about? If you go to the gym you legitimately benefit from quite high protein levels. This is well supported. The benefits extend beyond the gym as well.


squidbattletanks t1_jb8vkxs wrote

It is easy to hit a high number of proteins on a vegan diet. I can hit the daily requirements of a bodybuilder in terms of protein without protein supplements or other drastic methods. A lot of lentils even have a higher or the same protein content per 100 grams than meat.


Playingwithmyrod t1_jb9e82i wrote

You're hitting close to 200g of protein without supplements on a vegan diet? Not calling you a liar but what's your meal plan look like on a daily basis?


GodG0AT t1_jb93p40 wrote

But vegan protein is only halve as bioavailable as meat protein so you need to eat double. Also you need to hit all aminoacids


squidbattletanks t1_jb9ap1g wrote

Soy has almost one to one the same bioavailability as meat along with pea protein, oatmeal, peanuts, rice and not far behind chickpeas. Furthermore eating animal based protein correlates with higher rates of cardiovascular disease and mortality rates. Lastly, the amino acids are not hard to hit, studies show that vegans do get all necessary amino acids and further more these amino acids are not hard to get. Most foods contain a bit of all necessary amino acids and rice and beans alone cover the daily recommended intake.


gfx_bsct t1_jb9uu50 wrote

Beans/lentils/split peas are already like $0.99 a pound


Playingwithmyrod t1_jb9vzev wrote

You ever tried to eat 180g of protein from beans and lentils in a day?


gfx_bsct t1_jb9winx wrote

Actually, I eat 175g a day on a plant based diet. Mostly beans, lentils and whole grains. I supplement with protein powder, but only 1 serving


Playingwithmyrod t1_jb9wsvg wrote

What protein powder are you using? I'm sure it's doable with supplements but most powders are either super expensive or dairy based which goes against this article.


gfx_bsct t1_jb9xpbu wrote

I used a blend from, half soy protein, and half pea protein. With shipping comes about to about $16 a pound because I buy a large quantity at once. Protein powder is pretty expensive in general, but it's not a food that most people need. Most people don't even need 100g of protein a day, because they aren't strength training.


Playingwithmyrod t1_jb9xx16 wrote

Honestly that's not a terrible price. Cheap cheap whey is still like 50 bucks for a 5lb thing.


gfx_bsct t1_jb9y684 wrote

I think a lot of the cost of plant-based protein powders comes from all the extras they put in: flavoring, "super greens", mushroom powders, etc.


Cheetahs_never_win t1_jb8bgv1 wrote

"If we continue eating full rations, we'll be out of food in 2 months and starve. If we supplement 50% we can survive to harvest and produce food and rations."

"Eating things that produce cow farts at present projections means we'll boil alive in 80 years. If we dial it back, we'll survive to 140 years and hopefully have a solution."

You said checks notes they said we're not allowed to eat anything.


Normal-Flower4437 t1_jb8l9y7 wrote

When we blame energy providers (fossil fuels etc) and corporations, we are by extension also somewhat blaming people for consuming (checks notes) …hospitals, food storage and preparation, movement of goods, building of housing, etc.


Playingwithmyrod t1_jb9ecb7 wrote

Corporations are the ones with the available resources to enact change. Struggling families buying the cheapest available food and goods are not.