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GeoGeoGeoGeo OP t1_jdk3edx wrote

He's not. He was a teaching assistant during his time at university and is currently with the Swiss Seismological Service (SED) at ETH Zurich (a federal agency).

Your questions seem quite out of place here and with little to no bearing with regard to the information presented within the article.


theaveragebearstake t1_jdkhpkp wrote

Just questioning my source, which I always do especailly to researchers who overly self quote. The source of the information always has bearing regarding information being presented.


GeoGeoGeoGeo OP t1_jdkucq3 wrote

That's literally a logical fallacy. You're supposed to critique the argument not the source of the argument because no matter the source the argument could be sound.


smills30 t1_jdkouo0 wrote

Any jobs going in the oil industry? Are you hiring?


kilranian t1_jdmiulx wrote

"Just Asking Questions" aka "JAQ'ing off" is a common bad-faith argument used by those lying about their intent.