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Juskit10around t1_jbcpvr9 wrote

There are so many wild and crazy neurological disorders and afflictions. But for some reason, foreign accent syndrome really blows my mind. It doesn’t compute. I could reason slurring, a lisp, stutters even….but FAS makes me glitch. It seems so bizarre, even though I know it’s serious and the causation(s)behind it is serious.


sillymanbilly t1_jbddt49 wrote

What if we later find that our gut biome or whatever is basically holding all the data for human civilization inside, and when we get really sick and it throws off the balance, we can get reprogrammed. Hmmm


PsychologicalLuck343 t1_jbhkwgx wrote

Diet affects the composition of the biome most of all. It would be funny if we discovered that linguini al fredo made us feel sexy or a big green salad made us more brainy.


Morgodai_K t1_jbegx1w wrote

I wouldn't be surprised if a collective consciousness is discovered eventually. Haven't there been at least a couple of cases of people with injuries to their brain suddenly becoming fluent in a language they couldn't previously speak?


Instacartdoctor t1_jbevzhs wrote

It’s in there I’m sure of it… I’ve observed it I’m my family… whenever one of us is sick we’re total assholes and positive we’re right!