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CogitusCreo t1_jbbzt9d wrote

This study didn't dig that deep, but a similar study about alzheimers and oral hygiene speculated that bacteria can enter the bloodstream and end up in the brain. I think they may have been looking at the use of mouthwash with xylitol. I can't find that exact study now, but you might like these:

Edit: I'm talking about mouthwash below. Edit 2: Keep xylitol away from your dog! It's fatal to them.
Xylitol is great, BTW. A scientist friend of mine said that bacteria absorb it like sugar, but can't metabolize it, so they die (that may be a massive oversimplification). More info here:


UterineTemple t1_jbc3guc wrote

Oh dear, would not Xylitol hurt your gut flora if taken orally? I assume if used for just mouth washing it's not so bad, but there are loads of studies praising the role of healthy gut bacteria.


CogitusCreo t1_jbc88q6 wrote

I would not recommend ingesting it, only as a mouthwash.


baron_von_noseboop t1_jbf13ji wrote

Anyone who buys products with xylitol should know that even a small amount will kill a dog.