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UterineTemple t1_jbcvf49 wrote

True, but a headline can trigger a hoarding response in anybody these days. I would love to see more research on that strange phenomenon.


SemanticTriangle t1_jbdadh6 wrote

Dental hygiene companies reached saturation with toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss, so created a new pointless product to sell. It gave people oral cancer.

That's the strange phenomenon explained. If you need to wash your mouth out, salt water or even just water will do.


heeywewantsomenewday t1_jbe38v2 wrote

My new toothbrush gives me a map of my mouth and shows where i'm missing with my brushing. best thing that improved my oral hygiene


Daddyssillypuppy t1_jbe5j1r wrote

What space age toothbrush is this?


heeywewantsomenewday t1_jbebw4k wrote

I think off the top of my head it's an oral b io6.. i think there are even more advanced ones io8 io9.


cookiedux t1_jben40g wrote

Gingivitis is a major risk factor for rheumatoid arthritis.

I think the reason oral health is so crucial is because your teeth are connected to your bloodstream for nourishment (at least if they are vital teeth) and it’s extremely easy for bacteria etc in your mouth to enter your bloodstream directly. That’s a unique situation compared to other places on your body.

You can get all kinds of cardiovascular viruses/infections this way. My uncle got pericarditis this way.

If you have an abscessed tooth, treating it quickly is extremely important. An abscessed tooth can give you sepsis very quickly.

Anyway, only tangentially related, but there are a lot of anatomical issues that make your oral health really crucial to your overall health.