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CogitusCreo t1_je2q1gq wrote

And fruit / veg / combo. I've read stuff that says fruits aren't good due to fructose "fattening us up for winter" and would love to see if that's pseudoscience or real.


PansexualEmoSwan t1_je2tzmr wrote

Sounds like hogwash to me. A plethora of fruits are available in spring and summer, as well as in tropical regions where hibernation isn't really a concern.

If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say that the biggest "detriment" from fructose intake would be if one were to have so much that their insoluble fiber to sugar ratio were such that their gut biome destabilized


MRCHalifax t1_je4ysx6 wrote

OK, now I’m imagining Scotty watching as all the dials go into the red zone, just being on the comm to the bridge/brain saying “The gut biome is destabilizing, Cap’n! The fibre and sugar ratio is unstable! If this keeps up, we’re goinga blow!”


ZappfesConundrum t1_je2wf3r wrote

I ated too many fruit. Now I got to potty a bunch.


DTFH_ t1_je33z66 wrote

You may have to potty a bunch but thanks to the power of fiber it is now one solidly jointed log!


psiloSlimeBin t1_je35fxo wrote

Honestly, just test it yourself. Eat only raw fruit for however long, see if you get fat. You won’t.