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nerdygnome1 t1_jdxpb3g wrote

Okay. I’m confused. I need laymen’s terms concerning the low testosterone association.


thomaso40 t1_jdy3i4w wrote

  • Not associated with lower testosterone levels in men under 40, and was associated with lower prevalence of low testosterone in men over 40 (in science-speak, they can’t say CBD might combat low testosterone in men >40 based on the results, but it is indirectly implied).

  • Not associated with elevated liver enzymes (which would indicate liver inflammation).

  • Associated with lower reports of daytime drowsiness

Not the strongest study design, but some interesting results if you like CBD.


JahD247365 t1_jdxtgup wrote

From the article:

Conclusions: In this large-sample study, self-dosing CBD was not associated with an increased prevalence of elevation of LT or low levels of TT in men. Furthermore, CBD administration decreased DD and was associated with a lower prevalence of low testosterone levels in older men as compared to age-adjusted population norms.


mosenewbell t1_jdz30ae wrote

This is the type of confirmation bias I need in my life!


iamfondofpigs t1_jdz7k7s wrote

Sure is.

> Conflict of interest statement

> Robert Kaufmann has served as a consultant for Shaman Botanicals, LLC, and Validcare, LLC, and as a speaker for Shaman Botanicals, LLC. Amber Harris Bozer, Amanda Kube, and Keith Aqua have no conflicts of interest to declare.

> Grant support

> Funding and products for this project were provided by Asterra Labs, Care by Design, CBDistillery, CBD American Shaman, Cannacraft, Charlotte’s Web, Columbia Care, Garden of Life, Global Widget, HempFusion, Impact Naturals, Kannaway, Kazmira, Medterra CBD, Oncuity LLC, SunMed CBD, and Tauriga Sciences.


FadedPoster t1_jdzk8o6 wrote

Why even publish at that point. Need an independent research group to verify this


QuietGanache t1_je13e8l wrote

>Why even publish at that point

To get the headline out there so that it can be shared by people unwilling to critically explore something that confirms their existing biases.


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