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Meatrition OP t1_jbgpa51 wrote


Asthma is a chronic disease that affects the quality of life of patients, and asthma exacerbations are often a reason for hospitalization and activity limitations. Obesity has been linked to asthma as a risk and exacerbating factor. Evidence suggests that weight reduction has a positive effect on asthma control. However, there is also debate on the role of the ketogenic diet in asthma control. Here we present a case of asthma who reported markedly improved asthma after starting a ketogenic diet in the absence of any other lifestyle change. Over the four months on the ketogenic diet, the patient reported losing 20 kg of weight, reduction in blood pressure (without antihypertensives), and complete alleviation of asthma symptoms. This case report is important as the control of asthma after a ketogenic diet is not studied well in humans and therefore needs to be studied extensively.

Keywords: asthma; case report; control; ketogenic diet; management.