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SaltZookeepergame691 t1_jdeezz7 wrote

You’re right that “know” is being overworked in my initial statement. But, insofar as DGBI is a broad church of mechanisms from stimuli to neuronal function to the brain, and DGBI is the terminology employed by the body defining IBS, there really aren’t any major competing theories any more.


DeathRebirth t1_jdexjvu wrote

Except that IBS is a big pot doctors throw people into when they don’t have any other easy answers. Some studies suggest a massive overlap with SIBO which really puts into question if this isn’t a mine field of misdiagnosis and lack of fundamental understanding of what’s going on in these patients.

I experienced exactly this first hand until now.


SaltZookeepergame691 t1_jdgrqm4 wrote

I agree to some extent in practice, but recent changes to diagnostic criteria (ie Rome IV, and shortly Rome V) and a shift towards positive diagnosis are reducing the number of patients defined as having IBS.

There is certainly an overlap with conditions like SIBO, but as I said to another commenter, these are mechanisms within the DGBI umbrella given the need for visceral overreactivity to convey symptoms.


Former_Maybe_8437 t1_jdexkv4 wrote

>there really aren’t any major competing theories any more.

This is false. Food intolerances, medication side effects, SIBO and motility issues are all potential underlying causes of IBS other that neurochemical imbalances.

Where is your source of a major medical body declaring that DGBI is the sole cause of IBS to the exclusion of all others?