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Cannonballbmx t1_jdemen7 wrote

Interesting fact, you can actually have a migraine in your stomach. My son has had stomach issues we’ve been trying to address with his doctor and this is one of the things we tried to control with a certain medication.


FollowTheFauchi t1_jdi41v0 wrote

i dont really know what that means, but I am very interested. I get terrible migranes where I partially lose the ability to speak, and have uncontrollable erratic body movements (not a seizure though, I am still 'in control'). But the symptoms often will not stop until I puke. sometimes... repeatedly, but then it seems to calm down.

I really wish I could figure it out, but it seems very much stomach related for me, as I basically stop processing food and water before the onset of symptoms and get dehydrated. Sometimes its triggered by my own dumbness like not eating all day, but I haven't figured out a definitive pattern. Thankfully its rare for me. I feel bad for people who have to deal with this weekly.


Cannonballbmx t1_jdivzre wrote

I really don’t understand the “migraine in the stomach” either, part but I can tell you this - he gets bad stomach cramps, sometimes with vomiting but never gets a real headache. And after the episode, he is super tired and worn out - just like with a “real” migraine.

I get minor migraines (usually from dehydration) that come with an early warning - I get rainbow prisms in my vision. When that happens, I take a couple Advil and I can usually stave off a major issue. I couldn’t imagine going through what you describe.