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DeathRebirth t1_jdexjvu wrote

Except that IBS is a big pot doctors throw people into when they don’t have any other easy answers. Some studies suggest a massive overlap with SIBO which really puts into question if this isn’t a mine field of misdiagnosis and lack of fundamental understanding of what’s going on in these patients.

I experienced exactly this first hand until now.


SaltZookeepergame691 t1_jdgrqm4 wrote

I agree to some extent in practice, but recent changes to diagnostic criteria (ie Rome IV, and shortly Rome V) and a shift towards positive diagnosis are reducing the number of patients defined as having IBS.

There is certainly an overlap with conditions like SIBO, but as I said to another commenter, these are mechanisms within the DGBI umbrella given the need for visceral overreactivity to convey symptoms.