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angelicasinensis t1_jdfxcaf wrote

Quit alcohol and coffee, went on a low FODMAP diet and am doing two months of herbal antimicrobials followed by two months of glucosamine and N acetyl glucosamine and targeted probiotics. I am also taking supplements to help my body create more bile to help digestion (herbal bitters and tumeric.) I did the GI Map test to figure out what was up with my microbiome and other things - learned I have SIBO, dysbiosis and a gluten allergy.


germanthoughts t1_jdgfe8e wrote

Can you tell me more about the GI map test? What does it do and how does it help diagnose what may be wrong?

I always had bloating issues (I fart an INSANE amount after I eat) and also have anxiety. So I would love to start looking into this.