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My two core ones that work for me:



I have others but those are my core to fix my antibiotic induced problems. It took a few helpful PhD folks and many years to figure something out that works for me. Also I tend to take Dapsone for a week or two after my other anti-biotic round when I have to take them. It really makes a huge difference after my initial anti-biotic round, while I transition off them with the start of my probiotic routine. I do not take them together, i split my day on the gut reprogramming, dapsone at night, probiotics in the morning while I get off the whole antibiotic routine. It does take a few months before i stop having the responses to the gluten. Then I am free until something triggers my hidradenitis and i have to get back on the anti-biotics and start all over.

Also, I like fermented things. Pickled stuff, kim chi, etc. I do not do yogurts. I expect what works for others is highly dependent on what you eat already and the individual state of your own gut microbiome. I don't eat much in the way of sugar or bread/wheat based things that have gluten outside what I mentioned before. No cakes, no cookies, no candy, no crackers. I avoid processed foods most of the time, though occasionally on a holiday or special occasion will indulge in something sweet.


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Dr. Amy Myers (and others) recommends soil based probiotics for SIBO. Those are what I always use, and it helps me a lot.