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Ole_Scratch1 t1_jdqo6mn wrote

I work as a therapist and a sizable portion of my caseload is made up of non-binary clients and they describe similar accounts. There's a common theme of straight men experimenting with MTF folks/women for the exotic experience that leaves the trans women feeling used and depressed. Often the encounters are violent and traumatizing. I know my experience is anecdotal and the article lacks rigor but there's something to it.


despitegirls t1_jdpvjql wrote

Actual article title:

>Study examines straight men and their sexual attraction to transgender women

Having skimmed the actual study, I definitely read some of those posts at some point. I think there are straight identified guys who are realizing they are attracted more towards feminine presentations and not just cisgender women. Unfortunately, the misogyny they have for ciswomen also tracks with transwomen, with the added stereotypes of transwomen that come from their experience of transwomen being what they see online (my guess).

In the span of less than a decade, my views on trans people went from being pretty much a few casual stereotypes, to knowing/working with a few, to being in a relationship with a transwoman for several years now. I likely held some of the same stereotypes of transwomen until I actually worked with some in real life and got to see them as actual people, which makes the intended erasure of trans people we see all the more harmful.


FourDimensionalTaco t1_jdtlg93 wrote

My problem with this article is that it makes it seem as if attraction towards trans women must always come with misogyny and objectification , which is not the case. You can find mtf women attractive without wanting to dominate them in that toxic manner or reducing them to their genitals.


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ShockMonkey2001 t1_jdsns85 wrote

The glorification of alternative lifestyles in our media and increasingly in school systems naturally leads to curiosity and increased experimentation along with the consequences.


BadBoiBill t1_jdtqkfu wrote

Yes, pointing out they exist and have been generally marginalized in most cultures definitely equals glorification.


CluebatOfSmiting t1_jdv568w wrote

Everyone knew already. The universe does not care straight people exist and it does not care about anyone else either. The only reason humans cared is that homosexuals are less likely to breed and modern cultures have become very obsessed about everyone having kids that can pay the pensions of the previous generation. Homosexuals stop being marginalized when technology exists that makes ones gender and gender preference irrelevant to the ability to create offspring so they can stop being a minority.

This is ultimately same as why women were supposed to stay home raising kids: Any tribe that sent their women and children out to hunt and war did not survive long enough to become a culture. Now we have enough population that it does not risk our extinction so the culture can change.


Yeahmaybeitsdetritus t1_jdycg6f wrote

Glorification of alternative lifestyles?

Did you just beam in from the 1970s?

Being trans is not an alternative lifestyle.