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Postnificent t1_jegk03x wrote

This is sooooo awesome. I love seeing research like this happening.


tklite t1_jeg12hb wrote

>The other groups were 5 mg/kg CBD (CBD5), saline solution and 20 mg/kg CBD (CBD20);

Best results were shown in the CBD5 group. For a 75kg woman, that would equate to 375mg per day. At current market prices, that's about $41.25 per day. But, perhaps this is why some studies on consumer grade CBD have shown little to no effect--the dosages they're working with are off by at least a factor of 10.


Postnificent t1_jegkauz wrote

You can buy CBD isolate from Chicbd for about 5 dollars per gram in small quantities or around 2 dollars per day which is far more manageable cost wise than buying the snake oil elixirs and gummies sold at stores. Just decarboxylate then capsule it up. Ezpz.


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